Cannabis Cafes Could Set Up Shop In Berlin

Legally buying a few grams of marijuana might soon become reality in Berlin. Kreuzberg district's new mayor, Monika Herrmann, has plans to open Germany's first cannabis coffee shop.

GERMANY: When Monika Herrmann took office as Berlin Kreuzberg’s mayor in August, she made cannibis legalization a priority. It’s a topic igniting controversy in the city’s capital, especially with German federal elections set for Sept. 22.

Villalta, Guevara Back Medical Marijuana Debate At Universidad Nacional In Heredia, Costa Rica

Villalta: “war on drugs has proven an absolute failure.”

COSTA RICA: In a surprising turn in the presidential election campaign, both Jose Maria Villalta of the Wide Front party and Otto Guevara of the Libertarian Movement both came out in support for medical marijuana legalization in a debate at National University in Heredia.

Behind Closed Doors – Diary Of An MJ Mom

Only a few of my close and personal friend’s know. It’s not that I’m ashamed, but it’s most certainly NOT something I wear on my sleeve either.  I’m convinced there’s still a strong stigma out there about people who partake in MJ – and imagine some of these folks are in my social circles, and are either just too naïve about the subject, or have formed very strong negative opinions about this controversial substance.

When a friend asked me to write a post for the launch of MJ Moms, sharing my “mommy POV” on the latest happenings in Washington state and across the country on the subject of marijuana legalization as it relates to our children, I found myself going back in time to when my 8 year old Read the full article…

In Jamaica, A Push To Legalize Pot In Bid To Spark Economy

A Jamaican farmer nicknamed Breezy shows his illegal patch of budding marijuana plants during a tour of his land in Jamaica's central mountain town of Nine Mile.

JAMAICA:Napa and Sonoma have their wine tours, and travelers flock to Scotland to sample the fine single malt whiskies. But in Jamaica, farmers are offering a different kind of trip for a different type of connoisseur.