Walla Walla Votes Not To Ban Marijuana

WASHINGTON:  Walla Walla had the chance to ban marijuana sales, but is going to allow it in the city. It will be the second local community to do so, with the first in Prosser. All three Tri-Cities have put permanent bans in place.

Melissa and her sister have owned Tiki Teriyaki and surrounding properties on Rose Street for the past decade. They were surprised when some men came in with an unusual request.

“A couple gentlemen inquiring about the open space right next to Tiki’s here for a retail, a marijuana retail place,” said Melissa.

Although they declined this offer, it may not be the last one they get. Walla Walla has been moving towards allowing pot shops, and this week, a narrow vote by City Council will allow future growing, processing, and retail sales of marijuana.

Colorado Retail Marijuana Sales Finally Beat Medical

COLORADO:  Sales of legal retail marijuana have topped sales of medical marijuana in Colorado for the first time since the state’s recreational pot shops opened their doors on Jan. 1, according to tax figures released by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

During the month of July, the state received $838,711 from a 2.9% tax on medical marijuana, meaning that patients spent an estimated $28.9 million at dispensaries. The state meanwhile raked in $2.97 million from a 10% sales tax on retail marijuana, putting those sales at about $29.7 million, according to calculations by the Cannabist.

Though that amounts to a less than $1 million gap between retail and medical sales, this is a small victory for champions of legalization who have argued that the experiment will be profitable for the state, as revenues have lagged behind some expectations.