Cannabis Industry Ambassador-At-Large: Twenty22Many Art Auction

Twenty22Many is a Washington-based Veterans group, born out of the old Medical Marijuana Collective model that preceded recreational cannabis in Washington State.

The mission of the Twenty22Many is “By All Means Necessary – End Veteran Suicide.” Founder Patrick Saint, and other volunteer veterans are committed to raising awareness about the extremely high suicide rates among our military veterans — it is reported that 22 daily suicides occur daily in America.

Patrick and his group of Veteran volunteers turned to Washington State’s newly licensed recreational cannabis community for help. Together, they created the Twenty22Many Veteran Support Depot Program to offer vets a safe haven and access to resources.

If a veteran walks through the door of a participating retailer in need of anything, they will be given a flyer with valuable contact information on it.  Once contacted, Twenty22Many will promptly dispatch a veteran volunteer and resources to that veteran in need.  Twenty22Many Veteran Support Depot Program essentially converts participating I-502 stores into little Veteran hubs all over the state.

I grew up in a military family. Both my father and a sister served in the armed forces, and so I was especially excited to join Twenty22Many at their annual fundraiser as a guest of the founder.  The auction was held at Heylo Cannabis Extractions in Sodo Seattle.

These works are like DMT meet LSD

These works are like DMT meet LSD

The evening started off with an art auction. The featured artist was Adream, whose work is so detailed and inspiring. These works were both colorful and spiritual in some mystical way — like DMT meet LSD.

I also attended a glass blowing event earlier, hosted by Weekend Unlimited, Jerome Baker Designs and Leafly. Jason Harris of JBD Glass graciously donated a wonderful JBD bong to Patrick and Twenty22Many for auction at the evening event.


Jason Harris of JBD Glass so graciously donated a wonderful JBD bong to Patrick and the Twenty22Many.

Jason Harris of JBD Glass so graciously donated a wonderful JBD bong to Patrick and the Twenty22Many.

I was given the extreme honor to present Patrick with a Challenge Coin. In the military, challenge coins are often offered to visiting dignitaries or guest of a unit or platoon.  This particular coin was given to me by Four-Star General “Skip” Dreps, a well-known Veterans advocate who works with the Disabled Veterans of the Pacific Northwest. General Dreps is a good friend of Jake The Professor who always jumps at the chance to help his fellow brothers in arms.

Thank you to Heylo Canbabis Extractions, the Space Shuttle, and Twenty22Many for helping us understand the needs of the veterans community and offering us an opportunity help.

Patrick Saint and Twenty22Many need our support to carry out this very important mission. I invite you to work with us to reduce suicide rates within the Veterans community.  Please reach out to Twenty22Many in Olympia to participate in this life saving program.


Marijuana Legalization In Germany: Berlin Strikes Down Recreational Pot, Coffee Shops

GERMANY: A German pharmaceutical authority struck down proposed plans Monday that would have allowed for the creation of “coffee shops” in Berlin similar to those in Amsterdam in the Netherlands where customers can recreationally buy different kinds of marijuana alongside a cup of coffee. Despite the setback, proponents of the law are still hopeful for the future of marijuana legalization in Germany.

“For us, the rejection of the plans was no surprise, and as such, it’s also not a setback,” said Georg Wurth, a spokesperson for a pro-marijuana group in Germany, to the Local. Hamburg, Bremen, Münster and Düsseldorf have similar proposals on the table, and politicians are beginning to come around, according to the activists.

European laws on marijuana consumption and sale differ greatly throughout the continent and have shifted throughout the past 15 years, with one country having decriminalized all drugs.

Bad Puns Hope To Sell The Good Stuff At Washington State Marijuana Stores

WASHINGTON:  Apotcalypse. United We’d Stand. Canna Cabana.

Those painful plays on words are proposed store names in Washington state, where marijuana is now for sale.

There are more than a thousand proposed weed shops, but in the first batch of 25 licenses approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the aforementioned weren’t one of them.

Here’s a selction of some of the punnier retail hopefuls:

History Made: Your First Washington-Licensed Marijuana Retail Stores

WASHINGTON:  The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) today issued the state’s first 24 marijuana retailer licenses. A complete listing, including contact information of the new retail licensees, can be found [in the list above].

The 24 applicants were notified via email early this morning that they were approved for a retail license. Once approved for a license, producers and/or processors are able to file a required manifest for transporting to retail locations. Following a 24 hour quarantine period, they may begin transporting products to retail stores. Marijuana retailers may begin selling marijuana at their discretion following receipt of product and entering it in to the traceability system.

Businesses receiving their licenses today represent the first of 334 licenses allotted by the WSLCB for retail sales who have successfully completed the licensing process. Locations receiving licenses were selected by taking into account population, geographic dispersion and the individual applicant’s readiness to be licensed.


Berkeley Set To Require Free Medical Pot For Poor

CALIFORNIA:  Medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley will likely soon be required to provide free pot to low-income members, according to an ordinance approved by the city council on Tuesday.

The city is also looking to approve a fourth dispensary, raising the current limit of three locations, as reported by the East Bay Express.

The proposed ordinance requires that Berkeley dispensaries give away 2 percent of the amount of cannabis they sell each year low-income people. And the pot can’t be poor quality either. According to the Express, the ordinance reads that the “medical cannabis provided under this section shall be the same quality on average” as marijuana “dispensed to other members.”

“It’s sort of a cruel thing that when you are really ill and you do have a serious illness… it can be hard to work, it can be hard to maintain a job and when that happens, your finances suffer and then you can’t buy the medicine you need,” said Sean Luce with the Berkeley Patients Group.


Denied Massachusetts Pot Shops Weigh Options

MASSACHUSETTS:  State health officials could find themselves deeper in the legal weeds after several of the nine proposed medical pot shops that were snuffed out yesterday after a round of “enhanced” background checks said they’re mulling potential lawsuits, including the lone pair of Boston hopefuls and a group led by former U.S. Rep. William Delahunt.

Just 11 of the 20 applicants who earned initial approval earlier this year from the Department of Public Health made the cut for “provisional certificates,” allowing them to set up operations ahead of a final round of inspections.

But those who were rejected responded with a mixture of disappointment and defiance, and several didn’t close the door on court appeals against DPH, which has hired a “boutique” law firm to defend itself amid criticisms of how it’s vetted applicants. The state currently faces 10 pending suits brought by rejected dispensaries. In three instances where the plaintiffs sought injunctive relief, a judge denied the request, state officials said.

Delahunt yesterday said he was “perplexed” by DPH’s decisions to deny his proposed dispensaries in Plymouth, Mashpee and Taunton.


Cocoa Beach Passes Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance

FLORIDA:  Cocoa Beach will allow pot to be dispensed in a few locations in the city if Florida voters in November approve a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana.

Commissioners passed an ordinance Thursday evening 4-1 to limit where legal marijuana can be distributed and treatment centers can operate.

City Commissioner Ben Malik said the ordinance was too restrictive and voted against.


Legal Retail Marijuana Will Be Available In Early July

WASHINGTON:  Yes, Washington marijuana growers will have product ready for sale in the first week of July in time for the first wave of 20-30 stores receiving state licenses.

Exactly which day those first stores will open, how much you’ll be able to buy and how much it will cost the consumer is still mostly an open question, but there will be legal weed on store shelves.

But expect it to sell out fast.

“There’s just no way it’s not going to sell out,” said Attila Soos, the owner of Verdavanti, one of the largest growers licensed so far. He will have product to offer stores for that first week, he said.

Lawsuit Filed Over Centralia Pot Store Ban

WASHINGTON:  Another lawsuit is challenging the authority of cities in Washington state to ban licensed marijuana businesses.

A prospective marijuana retail businessman sued the city of Centralia on Tuesday, saying the city’s moratorium is an unconstitutional ban on a legal activity.

Perry Nelson, proprietor of RIU420, filed the lawsuit in Lewis County Superior Court. The lawsuit seeks an order allowing Nelson to operate a pot shop.

Wenatchee’s ban on state-licensed pot businesses is also being challenged.

Denver May Shut Down Dozens Of Medical Marijuana Businesses On July 1

COLORADO:  Denver officials could soon shut down as many as 41 medical marijuana businesses as the city cleans up outstanding license applications that have been pending for years.

All medical marijuana businesses in the city must be licensed by July 1, and the city has sent letters to dozens of businesses ahead of the deadline, warning that they must cease operations if they don’t get their licenses by then.

“Failure to comply may result in law enforcement and administrative action,” cautioned a letter sent to the businesses last week.

Ashley Kilroy, Denver’s coordinator for marijuana policy, said city officials have also visited the businesses — mostly cultivation facilities — to urge them to finish up the licensing process.