Minnesota’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ready To Open

MINNESOTA:  The first dispensary for medical marijuana in Minnesota is set to open in Minneapolis on Wednesday, July 1. That is the first day the it can be legally sold in the state.

Minnesota Medical Solutions invited journalists to tour their new facility at 207 9th St. in Minneapolis on Friday. The tour was hosted by Kyle Kingsley, MD, CEO of Minnesota Medical Solutions.

The marijuana is sold only in pill, tincture and oil forms. The products are color-coded to make it easier for patients to obtain the correct type of cannabis for their particular condition.

Delaware’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Opens

DELAWARE:  Delaware‘s first medical marijuana dispensary opened Friday to a line of patients extending out the clinic’s front door and a hundred feet along its parking lot.

The First State Compassion Center at 37 Germay Drive near Wilmington cultivates and sells cannabis for patients registered with the state Department of Health and Social Services.

Bill Coleman, a food sales representative from Harrington, drove more than 60 miles to purchase cannabis at the center Friday morning. Coleman said he previously would buy pot on the street for his chronic pain.


Marijuana Shops Bump Against Fort Collins Limits

COLORADO:  A handful of people hope to generate some green in Fort Collins by adding marijuana-related businesses to the highly-regulated market.

The projects are still in their infancy and have a number of obstacles to overcome to avoid going up in smoke.

If each is approved, the city’s marijuana industry will swell to include five new marijuana grow houses; a retail shop; a facility to test cannabis and marijuana products’ potency and quality; and a manufacturing warehouse to make marijuana-infused products.

Vancouver City Council Passes Controversial Medical Marijuana Dispensary Regulations

CANADA:  Vancouver City Councillors voted in favour of new rules to regulate the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries today, despite threats from the federal government and controversy about certain provisions in the regulations.

Councillors – who unanimously supported the concept of legal medical marijuana storefronts – voted 8 to 3 in support of the new rules that, if enforced, would mean the closure of many of Vancouver’s estimated 100 dispensaries.

Medical marijuana patients, caregivers and activists who spoke to City Council in public hearings over the last two weeks raised numerous concerns about the new regulations, which would also ban baked marijuana edibles and create a $30,000 licensing fee for stores that make a profit. An amendment to the rules means not-for-profit dispensaries will be charged only $1000.

Some councillors raised concerns about proximity rules that would see many of the current stores shut down and the rules against edibles, but none of them proposed any further amendments, instead voting for or against the rules the way they currently stand.

Victoria Likely To Follow Vancouver’s Lead On Marijuana, Mayor Says

CANADA:  Victoria likely will follow Vancouver’s lead this fall by regulating illegal marijuana dispensaries, Mayor Lisa Helps said Wednesday.

“Council has already said it would be good for Victoria to take a similar approach and now we have Vancouver’s concrete leadership. So now our staff’s job is easier,” Helps said. “I think it is important to be in concert and solidarity as we move forward on this really complex issue.”

Vancouver became the first city in Canada to regulate marijuana dispensaries in what Mayor Gregor Robertson called a common-sense approach after the federal government’s failure to provide proper policies.

“We’re faced with a tough situation, a complicated situation,” Robertson said Wednesday after councillors voted 8-3 to impose new regulations.


Yakima Police Close Pot Store That Defied City Rules

WASHINGTON:  Yakima police have shut down a retail marijuana shop after it opened despite the city’s rule banning pot sales.

The Yakima Herald-Republic reports that Happy Time owner Jaime Campos on Friday cited an order issued by a Yakima County Superior Court commissioner that demands the city defend its ban in court.

Police closed the shop on Friday. City Code Administration Manager Joe Caruso said the order was not an injunction and included nothing that prevented the city from shutting down Campos’ business.

Edible Marijuana Labels Often Have Potency Wrong, Study Says

CALIFORNIA:  An analysis of 75 edible marijuana products sold to patients in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles found that labels on just 17 percent accurately described their levels of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient, researchers reported Tuesday.

Sixty percent of the products had less THC than their packages advertised, and 23 percent of them had more THC than claimed.

“We need a more accurate picture of what’s being offered to patients,” said Dr. Donald Abrams, the chief of hematology and oncology at San Francisco General Hospital. He was not involved in the new study, which was published in JAMA.

“What we have now in this country is an unregulated medical marijuanaindustry, due to conflicts between state and federal laws,” Dr. Abrams said.


Massachusetts First Legal Marijuana Dispensary Will Open Soon

MASSACHUSETTS:  Patients have been waiting to access marijuana for medical purposes for far too long. There is more debate in the press over the matter, rather than effective measures taken to cover the debates. A considerable number of states across US have passes a law by which marijuana consumption is made legal but few of them fully regulated the terms and conditions. Massachusetts’s first legal marijuana dispensary will open soon, provided it passes one more row of check-ups and regulations.

Salem will be the first US territory where people will be able to find a medical marijuana dispensary. The Alternative Therapies Group, as it is called, is expected to open soon, after receiving a temporary disavowal to sell cannabis that has not been entirely tested for pesticides or other harmful substances.

It seems that for the moment, laboratories in Massachusetts are not entirely able to complete the quality testing required by state health department rules, as the Governor Charlie Baker representatives declared.

Court Ruling Gives Yakima Pot Store A Green Light

WASHINGTON:  The owner of the Happy Time marijuana store in Yakima opened his doors Friday and began selling, flouting a city ban on pot stores.

His defiance was backed by a Yakima County Superior Court show-cause order, banning the city from closing the store and requiring the city to show why it shouldn’t be allowed to operate. A hearing is scheduled for next Friday.

Owner Jaime Campos, who has a state license to sell marijuana, said he was expressing his entrepreneurial rights by doing business without a city license.


Medical Marijuana Rules On Calgary City Council Agenda

CANADA:  Two Calgary city councillors are calling for land use rules for medical marijuana businesses before the new shops begin opening in the city.

Diane Colley-Urquhart and Gian-Carlo Carra want the city to address issues such as ‘clustering’ or ‘proliferation’ of the businesses and also to ensure there is separation from schools, as there is for liquor stores.

“You can imagine if you have a whole bunch of these in Inglewood for example and then people start lining up, going there, wanting to get access, wanting to see if they would qualify, this can fundamentally change the nature of a neighbourhood with this amount of activity going on,” said Colley-Urquhart.