Washington: Cannabis Sales Exceed $1.1 Billion In 2017

WASHINGTON:  Retail marijuana sales in Washington state exceeded one billion dollars during the first nine months of 2017, according to data compiled by the State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Retail sales now stand at record highs, with monthly sales exceeding $130 million – up from $106 million in February. Overall, year-to-date marijuana sales in Washington are $1,101,853,539.

In Colorado, retail cannabis sales exceeded $1 billion during the first eight months of 2017.

In Nevada, adult use retailers have sold an estimated $60 million worth of marijuana products in just the first two months of the program’s existence.

For more information, contact Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director, at (202) 483-5500.

Washington Cannabis Sales Soar 40% On 4/20 Holiday

WASHINGTON: The April 4th “420” celebrations in Washington ignited retail sales yesterday across the state, according to data compiled by Seattle-based TetraTrak and published on its new MJTicker.com website.

April 20 DataThe unofficial stoner holiday saw many I-502 licensed pot shops offering special sales and promotions, which drove consumption of flower, edibles and concentrates, the business intelligence firm reports.  4/20 brought good news for both retailers and customers according to TetraTrak’s CEO Brian Yauger.   Data published on his mjticker.com shows that a normal Wednesday would usually generate daily retail sales of just shy of $1.4 million; however projected sales for Wednesday April 20th, 2016 were just over $2.7 million, an increase of almost 40% of sales the day before.

Customers benefited as well, with recreational cannabis consumers enjoying lower prices.  On average recreational consumers paid around $9.10 a gram out the door price last month, (approx. $6.65 pre excise tax).  After 4/20 discounts and specials were factored in, holiday customers spent mid $7 out the door ($5.75 pre tax).

New Survey: 69% Of Americans Think Marijuana Should Be Sold At The Pharmacy If Legalized

NEW YORK:  As America braces for its first hit of legalized recreational marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington on January 1st, a new nationwide survey conducted for TheStreet takes a look at how consumers think legal marijuana should be sold and distributed.

More than half of Americans (53%) do not think the sale and possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use should be made legal.

On where marijuana should be sold, if the sale and possession of small amounts of it were legal:

— 69% think marijuana should be sold at the pharmacy, 60% think marijuana should be sold in its own store, 39% think marijuana should be sold at the liquor store, 17% think marijuana should be sold in coffee shops, and 13% think marijuana should be sold at the supermarket. [Read more…]