These Weed Snobs Show Why Pot Can Be Just As Snooty As Wine

CALIFORNIA:  Weedmaps, a Yelp-like service focused on pot, wants to show that marijuana can be just as sophisticated as alcohol. But it’s hard for a company named Weedmaps to buy ad space, and it had to get a little creative with its marketing.

That’s why it hosts Weedmaps TV on YouTube where it has more than 100,000 subscribers, and it just put out its latest video. It’s a bit of content marketing from a company that can’t buy ad space on Facebook or Twitter because its mission is to rate all the legal places to buy pot in the country, which is slowly embracing the weed industry with pro-marijuana laws.

The new video, produced by Los Angeles shop Prior 98, is part of a Web series called Weed Snobs, which turns the table on conventional wisdom. It’s a parody with two men at a fine restaurant ordering from the weed menu and discussing the dangers of drinking.

“We cannot do paid advertising on Facebook so that leads us to be creative and come up with alternatives through social media,” said Kyle Peterson of Weedmaps, which posts its videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. “We do content marketing and create fun stuff that’s sharable.”