West Haven Medical Marijuana Grower Readies For Fall Sales

CONNECTICUT:  The seeds that will grow into a medical marijuana crop are in storage, and David Lipton, managing director of Advanced Grow Labs, says his company should begin selling its products by November.

Since February, when his and four other companies received approval to grow cannabis, Lipton has been running about, watching the warehouse at 400 Frontage Road turn into an air-filtered, doubly-secure marijuana-growing facility.

“We just got approved from the state the other day … to start our seeds,” Lipton said Friday on a tour of the site, amid workers from Milford’s Olympus Construction and his security team.

The job has been a sensitive one; Lipton is not allowed even to say where the seeds are kept. While he says “it’s really like they’re treating all the pharmaceutical companies,” he’s really dealing with much more because of the “highly regulated and controversial field” he’s entered.