The Higher Ground Legal Stash Box, Vol.III! A Highly Curated Cannabis Collection

By Michael A. Stusser

Curated from legal markets across the country, the Higher Ground Legal Stash Box highlights the most amazing products and packaging in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Hand selected by Michael Stusser, host of Higher Ground TV, the items in each anthology represent the gold standard of legal offerings for cannabis connoisseurs!

The notable selections in this month’s Higher Ground Legal Stash Box include:

Mr. Moxey’s Mints: Moxey’s micro dosed mints are crafted in small batches and formulated with herbal synergists tailored to elevate the experience. Mints are all-natural, and infused with cannabis free of pesticides. Available in a variety of flavors and formulas, this month’s box features CBD Ginger, which include Indian Gooseberry to support rejuvenation and Echinacea to boost immunity.

Goodship Tart Cherry Pastilles: Tart and fruity, Goodship confections are made from all-natural, locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. Each “sweet tart” pastille is micro dosed at 2.5mg per piece, giving a consistent, uplifting and delicious experience each go-round. Best of all, Goodship tarts come in a beautiful embossed tin – which you can put joints and buds in when the pastilles are gone.

HGLegalStashGold3RAW Tips: Upgrade the hand-rolled joint with a RAW filter tip. Clean of any additives and 100% vegan, RAW crutches are unbleached and give a natural tip with no taste to elegantly complete the perfect hand-roll.

The Dose Pen:  Dosist (previously hmbldt) gets as much hype as Tesla (and is barely less expensive). Their innovative delivery devices (aka pens) are scientifically designed and dialed in for consumers to get controlled and accurate doses. Best of all, the pen’s vibrates when you’ve gotten a premeasured dose. Formulas include Arouse, Calm, Bliss, Sleep, and our fav, Passion.

Beboe Pastiles: Beboe is a luxury cannabis brand, and has been called the Hermes of Marijuana. Beboe pastilles are carefully crafted with the finest organic ingredients and natural flavors to give a subtle, measured and mellow high. The elegant packaging fits into any sophisticated setting – but be sure to keep ‘em out of the reach of kids.

Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll: The Seasonal Harvest Single Harvest pre-roll is grown in the sun in lovely Santa Barbara, pesticide free, and bred by the famed geneticists at Island seeds. Beautifully packaged in a sustainably grown walnut tube, each joint contains a full gram of top-shelf flower.

highergtv logoThe Leira Cannagar: CannaGars are small-batch cannabis cigars, using the finest flower from grower Gold Leaf Gardens. Each cigar is hand-rolled, and cured. The 6” Corona is full of 10 ounces of primo ganja, then covered in 3 grams of rosin oil – then wrapped in at least two layers of gorgeous, pure cannabis leaves, making it the most luxurious cigar on the market.

Bloom Farms PreRoll: Some of the most beautiful designs in cannabis come from Bloom Farms. Their strain-specific full-flower pre-roll cases could fit into an Art Deco coffee table book. It’s also cool that the company puts social responsibility in their mission statement, and pledges a meal for someone in need with every purchase.

HiFi Farms: Named “The Coolest Cannabis Farm In Oregon” by Esquire Magazine, HiFi’s all-natural, Clean Green Certified growing methods result in products and experiences that create a lifting of the mind, body, and soul. Established in 2014, HiFi Farms is devoted to all things high fidelity – true, artistic expression, pure cultivation methods, and authentic flavors of all kinds. No doubt they grow the happiest, healthiest plants in the Universe.

Saints White Widow: Seattle Green Bud is dedicated to growing only the highest quality cannabis, using only natural ingredients and practices. They also donate a portion of proceeds to arts and community organizations. Their A-Grade flower is hand trimmed, top shelf, high potency, and tasty.

Gold Leaf Gardens PreRoll Pack: Flower from Gold Leaf reaches back to the botanical roots of the rich Hawaiian islands. Using generations-old cultivation techniques and values, the growers engage in strict organic principles and operate with Clean Green Certification. What it means for those who smoke the flower? Richest flavors, euphoric aromas, and uplifting intoxication.Grown with Aloha!

While the Higher Ground Legal Stash Box is not available for purchase, there are several high end curated delivery boxes for sale, including Club M and Lucky Box Club

3 stash boxes miniStay tuned to MJ News Network where we will continue to curate the best in legal cannabis, and highlight the most innovative and elegant brands in upcoming Higher Ground Legal Stash Boxes.

Higher Ground is the World’s first talk show highlighting cannabis culture. Think of it as “The Daily Show” meets “Good Morning America”…but with a giant bong on the desk. For more on Higher Ground and host Michael Stusser, visit or


This Week: 4/20 At CannaCon in Santa Rosa

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The question is simple: Where will you be on 4/20 this year? The possibilities are endless. After all, it is the BIGGEST holiday for the cannabis community. However, if you’re a cannabis professional or more specifically, a producer or processor, your answer will most definitely be, “Santa Rosa, CA for CannaCon’s 3-day expo + seminar series”. Being that it’s their debut event in the state, founder Bob Smart and his dedicated team have secured a value-packed lineup of speakers and topics for their upcoming seminar series and 200+ exhibitors showcasing in their expo hall.

Top 3 Must-Do’s at Santa Rosa CannaCon:

1.    Attend at Least 1 of 6 Cannabis Infused Cooking Demos

Start your morning learning the basics of infusions with a cup of cannabis-infused coffee in hand. Take a seat with Chef Jeremy Cooper and indulge in a handful of infused truffle popcorn while learning dosage scaling, flavoring, and masking.

Take it easy and learn about crafting a product line of CBD-infused products for consumers looking for non-psychoactive infusions.

2.    Grab a Seat for Kevin Jodrey’s Seminar on Genetic Testing, The Future of the Cannabis Supply Chain

Genetic testing is the future of the cannabis supply chain. Strains are more often than not misnamed or renamed, meaning that buyers and consumers never know what they’re getting. How can we resolve this problem? Learn how new testing technology can reintroduce trust and certainty into your products.

3.    Bring Your Questions to CannaCon’s Legislative Update Q&A

Confused by current regulations or laws pertaining to your business? Join the

panel discussion on California’s legislative landscape and get all your questions answered by vetted experts and professionals.

No plans for the night of 4/20? Celebrate with like-minded cannabis consumers at CannaCon’s Official Mixer Party!

Haven’t Bought Your Ticket Yet? The Details:

When: April 20 -22, 2017

Where: Santa Rosa, CA | Sonoma County Events Center

Tickets: ($40 – $420) Online Pre-registration *Open* Limited-Time Only | Buy Tickets

Costs Adding Up For Illinois Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs

ILLINOIS: In the world of medical marijuana entrepreneurs in Illinois, there’s plenty of green behind the grass.

Hundreds of would-be medical marijuana growers and sellers have put millions of dollars on the line hoping for coveted state permits that were supposed to issued by former Gov. Pat Quinn by the end of last year.

To snag those valuable permits, the entrepreneurs hired consultants, lawyers and lobbyists.

They’re already paying rent, in some cases, or have money tied up in options to buy property.

And now, they wait.  And with millions of dollars on the line, waiting can get expensive.

Canadian Medical Marijuana Business Flourishing

CANADA: Christian Groh is all business.

Sharply dressed in a pressed navy suit and blue striped tie, he speaks boldly of his new investment venture – a $22-million, 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility tucked away on Vancouver Island.

It’s heavily guarded around-the-clock by 72 CCTV cameras and a full roster of security officers overseen by a former RCMP drug enforcement specialist. And rightfully so — there is something very valuable within those concrete and steel walls.

Though he may not fit the typical Cheech and Chong image, Christian Groh is a medicinal marijuana dealer. And business is booming.

Groh and business partner Brendan Kennedy first met as co-workers at Silicon Valley Bank, famous for backing companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Tesla, and started an evaluation group there to follow trends. The pair, along with another business partner, have raised more than $22 million and are set to close on another $50 million to $75 million in private capital this summer through Privateer Holdings, a private Seattle, Washington, company that invests in the legal cannabis business.