How I Became A Cannabis Pharmacist & Entrepreneur

By Daniel Asarch

Growing up in the 1980s, I was a child of the D.A.R.E program.  Everyday I would be inundated with this is your brain on drugs commercials as well as other anti-cannabis propaganda.  The stoner stigma and  government scare tactics worked for numerous years, but I finally gave into trying cannabis for the first time in college.  After trying it, I didn’t see what the big fuss about cannabis was as it didn’t do much for me except give me the munchies. As the years went by I used cannabis sporadically for recreational purposes and yet still didn’t have much knowledge about the plant.  Even when I attended pharmacy school in the early 2000s, the only two things I learned was cannabis existed as marijuana and Marinol, a synthetic thc pharmaceutical.

Working as a pharmacist I had patients on Marinol to help stimulate their appetites as they were either burdened with HIV or a form of cancer.   All of my patients preferred cannabis over Marinol.  They complained that Marinol had unpleasant side effects and that it didn’t help much with appetite stimulation.  However, my patients were stuck between a rock and hard place as medical marijuana was allowed but at the same time it couldn’t be legally bought anywhere at the time.  Outside of the need for appetite stimulation, some of my HIV and cancer patients were also on opioids or opioid related medications to help control their chronic pain.

In my 17 years of being a pharmacist, one of the hardest things to watch is people becoming addicted to opioids to help manage their chronic pain.  I probably have dispensed thousands of pain pills to patients.  All of them had legitimate scripts, but I’m also sure there may have been a few scrupulous patients that may have slipped through.  Opioid addiction takes a toll on the   mind and body as well as the patient’s surrounding environment.  In recent years, opioid overdoses have been on the rise and devastating lives.


You may wonder what the point of my story is so far, well I am about to tell you.  I have pledged to do no harm as a pharmacist and help as many people as I can.  Growing up, like most people I was taught to think inside of the box and that most things are black and white not grey.   Given my life experiences of childhood, college, pharmacy school, and working with patients I can tell you bluntly that’s all a lie.  I started to think outside of the box when I began working as a compounding pharmacist.  Compounding pharmacy allows to work outside the confines of big Pharma and the FDA to some extent.  It is here that I learned that hormones and vitamin supplements do play a part in some of our body functions.  Not all illnesses, disorders, and dysfunctions need a big Pharma medication to fix them.

This is where the pursuit of my cannabis knowledge started.

Even though Cannabis has been around and used for over thousands and thousands of years, we actually have very minimal FDA research on this wonderful plant.  However, we do have peer to peer research and personal use benefits documented by a great world wide population.  Cannabis knowledge can be found all over whether it’s in books, the internet, and via speakers on the topic.  Is it all factual? The majority of the information out there is factual, but the rest is based on myths and reefer madness.  There are at least 2 books that I can recommend: Cannabis Pharmacy and The Cannabis Health Index.  After reading these 2 books, I felt to have a better understanding of how cannabis affects the body.  Also,  I learned about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which plays an important in our body’s homeostasis.  Unfortunately, the ECS is only lightly touched on in medical school, pharmacy school, and even nursing school.   Hopefully,  as time goes on the healthcare system will realize the potential of Cannabis as a true medicine.

Over the last 3 years,  I have tried to etch my path in the cannabis industry.  I started my journey out as an associate publisher for Sensi Magazine, a lifestyle magazine with a cannabis touch originally based out of Colorado.  I helped to establish the Las Vegas market.  During my time with Sensi, I had the opportunity to network with many leaders in the cannabis industry as well as watch the cannabis scene mature in Las Vegas.   After being immersed in the cannabis scene for quite a while I decided that it was my time to take my cannabis journey to the next level.

In 2018, the USDA passed the farm bill to allow for the further legalization of industrial hemp.  I saw this as opportunity to start my own business in cannabis under this new provision and see where the road took me.  In late 2019, I opened Happy Hemp Pharm.  Happy Hemp Pharm is a small boutique business than prides itself on handcrafted and quality products.

Unfortunately as you all know Covid hit 2020 and slowed all the events down to complete halt.  Luckily, it allowed more time for product development and placement.  However, the only place that didn’t shut down during the pandemic was social media.  You would think with legalization happening throughout the states and parts of the world it would be easy to navigate the social media waters, that is truly not the case. Since cannabis is still federally classified as a class 1 controlled substance Facebook and Instagram are still quite discriminating towards cannabis related posts.

As we are already almost a quarter way done with 2021, I plan to continue to steadily grow and adapt my business to the ever changing cannabis/hemp industry.

Stay tuned to these pages …

EDITOR’S NOTE: Daniel Asarch will be a featured speaker and panelist at the upcoming G4 Live Budtender Awards.

Planet 13 Awarded Nevada Dispensary License

Planet 13 awarded Nevada retail cannabis license through settlement of the lawsuit against the Nevada Department of Taxation

NEVADA:  Planet 13 Holdings Inc., a leading vertically-integrated Nevada cannabis company, today announced it has agreed to a settlement of its ongoing lawsuit against the Nevada Department of Taxation and other parties which subsequently joined the litigation. As part of the Settlement, Planet 13 is receiving one provisional adult-use dispensary license in unincorporated Clark County, Nevada. The License will be used to re-open Planet 13’s former dispensary located at 4850 Sunset Road in Las Vegas, Nevada that closed on October 30, 2018 (the “Medizin Dispensary”).

“We’ve always known that as one of the top operators in Nevada, responsible for 9% of the state’s sales, we deserved to win a license from the Nevada Department of Taxation. Although we are not happy with how long the process took for us to obtain the license to re-open our original location, we are thrilled to be able to service our loyal customers who supported Planet 13 from day one,” said Larry Scheffler, Co-CEO of Planet 13. “The Medizin Dispensary at 4850 Sunset Road in Las Vegas is a fully built-out 4,750 sq. ft. store that offers the same dedication to customer service, high-quality products, and innovation that Planet 13 is known for, all in a compact footprint designed to compliment its local neighborhood.”

The Medizin Dispensary was closed on October 30, 2018, to transfer the license to the Planet 13 SuperStore located next to the Las Vegas Strip. During the last full quarter of operations, Q3 2018, the Medizin Dispensary generated $4.9 million in revenue with a gross margin of 53%. The Medizin Dispensary requires no additional CAPEX to open.

Jim Belushi To Keynote Cannabis Conference 2020 In Las Vegas

Owner of Belushi’s Farm to Provide Attendees Insights Into Challenges and Opportunities of Cannabis Cultivation

OHIO:  Cannabis Conference 2020 presented by Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Dispensary, and Hemp Grower, has announced that actor and celebrity cannabis business owner Jim Belushi will keynote this year’s conference program. The three-day event will be held at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., April 21-23, 2020.

Belushi, known for his numerous film, television and musical performances, including the popular sitcom “According to Jim,” will share his experiences as the owner and operator of the ninety-three acre Belushi’s Farm which he which he began developing in 2015 under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

“Every time I cultivate the land, I get pulled more and more into the medicine and the joy of this work,” says Belushi. “My experience has truly changed me as a man, and I’m looking forward to sharing what I have learned from my amazing journey with this year’s Cannabis Conference attendees.”

“We are thrilled to have Jim Belushi keynote our Cannabis Conference 2020,” says Noelle Skodzinski, editorial director for Cannabis Conference, and Cannabis Business TimesCannabis Dispensary and Hemp Grower magazines. “His passion for the plant, as well as for the health and economic potential it holds for society is aligned with so many of our attendees and with our mission. Our audience of plant-touching-business owners and operators will surely benefit from his experiences growing cannabis in the Oregon market, his plans and hopes for the future, as well as his wisdom and humor.”

The Cannabis Conference 2020 is expected to draw over 3,000 attendees from 40 countries worldwide and bring together dozens of the industry’s leading voices to address the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the legal cannabis market.

Among this year’s speakers include respected industry leaders and experts: Dan Sutton, CEO/founder, Tantalus Labs; Sjoerd Broeks, genetic development/R&D director, THE PHARM; David Bernard-Perron, VP of growing operations, The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD); Dr. Janna Beckerman, professor and extension plant pathologist, Purdue University; Dr. Brian Whipker, professor of Floriculture, North Carolina State University; Scottie Gordon, vice president of licensing & regulatory affairs, Curaleaf, Inc.; Anna Shreeve, president of Urban Paragon Inc., Targeted Intent Inc., and The Bakeréé; Priscilla Vilchis, CEO/CMO, Premium Produce; Andrew R. Graves, chairman, Atalo Holdings Inc.; and Claudio Miranda, Co-FounderGuild Enterprises. A full list of this year’s confirmed speakers and presenters can be found here:

The 2020 Cannabis Conference will expand on the successes of previous events’ cultivation and dispensary education and will include for the first time a track dedicated to the cultivation and sale of hemp and hemp-derived products. The conference will feature in-depth educational programming on cannabis cultivation and business operations, as well as the most informed industry perspectives on retail management and customer engagement.

The Cannabis Conference exhibition hall will feature cutting edge technologies, solutions and services for professionals in cannabis cultivation and dispensary businesses.

The educational program for the Cannabis Conference was developed by professional cultivators, retailers and industry leaders from the Cannabis Conference 2020 advisory board, in partnership with the award-winning editorial teams behind Cannabis Business TimesCannabis Dispensary and Hemp Grower. 

MJBA Founder David Rheins Picks The Hottest Hemp, CBD, Vape & Culture+ Products Of 2019 At ASD Market Week | Culture+

VIP Panel Will Include Founders of Elixinol, The Blinc Group, Curved Papers and Farmer Tom Hemp Co.

NEVADA: The Culture+ marketplace is exploding, with thousands of new legal hemp, CBD, vape and cannabis-culture products creating consumer excitement and marketplace disruption.


MJBA’s founder and executive director David Rheins, a seasoned marketing executive who learned his chops playing senior roles for Rolling Stone, SPIN, Time Warner AOL, has scoured the country to find The Hottest Hemp, CBD & Culture+ Products of 2019, which he’ll present at the ASD Market Week | Culture+ convention in Las Vegas on Monday, March 18, 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM.

Screenshot 2018-12-10 16.46.33These are the products that every retailer must know about – from hemp-based fashions and CBD health and beauty aids, to the latest in vaporizer technology and glassware.

Screenshot 2018-12-10 14.26.21

Following the 45-minute presentation, moderator David Rheins will lead a VIP Panel Discussion with the brand marketers who are building the industries best and most innovative brands, including Elixinol co-founder David Newman, The Blinc Group CEO Sasha Aksenov, Farmer Tom Hemp Co. Founder Tom Lauerman, and Curved Papers Founder Michael O’Malley.

Hemp is projected to be a $22 Billion market by 2012. Get an advanced look at all the hottest products, trends and technologies driving the red-hot Culture+ market.

Registration for the show is available online.

Cannabiniers Opens First-Ever Cannabis Speakeasy At Las Vegas ReLeaf

CALIFORNIA: Cannabiniers, a beverage, technology & brand management company revolutionizing the cannabis industry with first to market, patented, safe, natural and fast acting infusion technology, announced the debut of the industry’s first cannabis speakeasy, Dana’s Place, at Las Vegas ReLeaf. Dana’s Place is the first roll-out of dispensary non-infused craft tasting bars offering Cannabiniers’ full portfolio; including Two Roots Brewing, Just Society cold brew coffees and teas, BASKiN health & beauty products, and soon Creative Waters Beverage Company “Mocktails” and more.

CannabiniersIn homage to the late Dana Bernstein, daughter of Cannabiniers co-founder Ed Bernstein, who succumbed to a life long struggle with Crohn’s disease in 2017, Dana’s Place represents the industry’s first in-dispensary craft tasting bar, designed to transform the practice of warehousing consumers at dispensaries and into an experiential brand engagement. Straddling both the lobby and sales floor of Las Vegas ReLeaf, Dana’s Place serves as an ice-breaker, educator and retail merchandizing feature helping both tourists and locals better understand the products offered in an non-fused form, in a setting most have experience with.

“As the company that launched Two Roots, the world’s first cannabis-infused non-alcoholic craft Cannabier, we’re excited to debut the first ever in dispensary craft tasting bar, Dana’s Place,” said Timothy Walters, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cannabiniers. “The speakeasy style of the bar is especially fitting for the cannabis industry, as the plant continues to come out of the shadows and enter into the mainstream space. The underground vibe reminds us of the days when alcohol, a beverage millions of American’s enjoy responsibly for relaxation and celebration alike, was also subjected to restrictive laws under prohibition. A Cannabiniers’ tasting bar will serve as an extension of a company’s core beliefs – that cannabis can be a positive and impactful addition to our everyday lives.”

The opening of Dana’s Place at Las Vegas ReLeaf is the first in a series of Cannabinier tasting bars to appear throughout dispensaries across the country, all of which showcase Two Roots Brewing. Cannabiniers’ vision is to create revolutionary products that are safe, natural, responsible, and lifestyle integrated; through which Cannabiniers’ brands will normalize cannabis consumption for both medical and adult use.

“Dana was an inspiration for us when we first opened Las Vegas ReLeaf. She found comfort in medical cannabis, as it eased her painful symptoms,” said Co-Founder of Cannabiniers, Ed Bernstein. “When we decided to create this experience in our dispensary, we wanted to offer a safe and comfortable place for consumers to learn about product offerings, and naming the space after Dana was a natural way for her legacy to live on. With the backdrop of corporate ambitions and the massive consumer interest, it is important that we never forget our roots, and the reasons that we entered the cannabis industry in the first place.”

Man On Weed: Phish And NuLeaf In Las Vegas

By Larry Reed, Man on Weed

My journey led me to the MGM Grand for the Phish Halloween run.  Since ‘94 it’s always been on my radar to attend this annual event.  That the band was playing in the legal cannabis state of Nevada, gave even more cause for celebration. Marijuana unlocks the magic of the music. In today’s environment, with ample supply of cannabis products available for sale legally, one does not have to hope your neighbor passes a joint your way. A simple trip to one of the many dispensaries in the Las Vegas metro and you will be more than good to go.

This is the story of my visit to Nu-Leaf dispensary located at 430 E Twain Ave, a very classy establishment with a great staff and wonderful menu featuring the wide spectrum of legal cannabis products available today.  I was in a hurry to make it to the show on All Hallows Eve, cat herding, trying to gather up your passel of people all whom are headed to the show, just at different times.

I found myself with a silicone dish half-filled with some delectable DosiDo dabs, a nectar collector hummingbird and a torch — not a big blazer style, but one you might get for a light plumbing job.


Trying to dab at the show was not really enjoyable as the psychedelic roar of the audience began to swell, it pretty much signaled the end of my “in the crowd” dabs, especially after I saw one of the phish kids flounder as his cotton laced costume went up in a flash fire as he attempted to light his bowl. Stop, drop and bowl!  I found it much funnier than he did.

Now, I’ve been a dabber for quite some time and have forgone the flowers, but that night, I really had the hankering for a joint of something fruity and juicy. I was entranced by the smell of burning buds streaming their terpene-laced smoke around the venue as the crowd shaked and shimmied to the jams of the Vermont Quartet. I did take a walk to a place less crowded where I met Larry, who was dressed as a jester. Once he found out we had the same first name, Larry declared, “I have to smoke my pot with you! “

Well sure Larry, lets! He had a bowl filled with weed, and I believe I might have tasted a seed. It was fun and as the night finished up, I decided the next night would be different.

Being an East Coaster, morning comes early in Vegas, but as the new day dawned, I was excited to see another Phish show — this time with a fist full of joints!  Which brings me back to NuLeaf and my experience at the dispensary. It took a $10 Uber ride, which is always fun when you’re going to buy weed in a legal setting.  The chit chat with the driver, a wonderful woman from El Salvador, who once she saw the address, she remarked, “I take a lot of people here, seems people like to smoke, you people are always so friendly.”


I picked to go to NuLeaf because of the dynamic manager that runs the operations over there, a man named JC Coats.  You might know him as the person who designed and implemented the “First Friday” for cannabis – a must-attend event for anyone interested in the Las Vegas cannabis scene featuring live music, vendors and food, definitely check it out sometime.

People buy from people. If you are a business person and you don’t invest in your most valuable assets — your people — your story will be short in the cannabis world.  As you enter NuLeaf you are greeted with wonderful smiles, as you are vetted, and ID checked. The waiting area has a really cool 1950’s art deco vending machine — a piece of art that foreshadows the motif of the actual sales area. Walking through the doorway, customers are transported to an ol’ west style old school pharmacy and soda shop. Instead of licorice whips and candy straws, there are live resin pens and canna candies. From the white tile with black mosaic to the deep rich wood adorning the walls to the hardwood cabinetry and menus, everything is presented in a western motif.

The store was very clean looking, welcoming and warm, and I experienced it to be very relaxing to just browse a little before talking to one of the tenders. When I was ready to purchase, I met Cory, who seemed to be knowledgeable about the many facets of cannabis consumption. I told him I was after something super sour, the loudest that he had back there in the bevy of botanical blazery.  We discussed a few couple strains: the “strawberry lemonade” was a must, along with the “purple haze” and also a flower called “Joe Fix-It” which is what I was steered to when I requested something that didn’t necessarily have to have a discerning taste but the high should be powerful. That is one of the most wonderful things I find about the legal market, is the plethora of flavors along with knowledgeable bud tenders who help guide you to your promised land, wherever that land might be.

I hurried back to the hotel as showtime approached. Back in the room, my crew was all smiles as they saw the sack of goodies I had brought.  Along with the ganja, I remembered to get rolling papers and gave the table a good forearm clean for some rolling space. Two of the flavors were in sealed plastic jars and the other in a mylar bag.  All were cured properly and broke up well, creating some wonderful piles of rolling material.

I twisted up a bunch of 1+ gram, the size of a finger, doobers and put them into my Chroncontainer before heading out to the show.  As these things go, the crew had to make a stop at another room to see more of the crew’s crew, and so I had the opportunity try out the Purple Haze. Wow, my NuLeaf budtender was correct. It tasted wonderful and had a very nice stoney wispy high that had us all on the balcony staring at the Vegas skyline before the voice in my head began to scream, GET TO THE SHOW!

Snapping out of it, we finally got in motion and arrived at a row of 10 chairs. With about 15 people, there was not a spot for me.  The lights went down, the band came on and I am left standing on the stairs wondering where I should post up. There it was, an empty on the end, I scooted into the spot and began to bebop with the show opener. I noticed the guy next to me kind of give me one of them, “oh dang you just grabbed my extra space I had planned to get my Soul Train dance machine on.” I reached into my pocket and produced one of the rather healthy joints that resided in my pocket. He went from the straight face emoji to the one where it’s winking with the tongue out.  It was a Strawberry Banana joint, with a very citrusy bouquet. We hit that thing for a good long time, with his friend getting in on it. Everyone took their sweet time roasting up a nice coal before passing it along. I sparked one about every other song in the first set. During the set break, my new phriends told me of how they were just young men out in the world, seeking tasty waves and a cool buzz. Ski instructors up in NorCal, trimming weed to make ends meet during the off season.

The second set led off with the “Joe Fix-it” joint and again, Cory from NuLeaf had it dialed in, these buds took us to the next level of nirvana.  I was baked like a chicken listening to the band play some of their best jams of the tour, as I was totally immersed in the chords and harmonies and Trey cooking up scrambled eggs in the kitchen of the mind.  Not sure what the other guys had for set-break, but they were much more animated than the first set (the one doing what I thought to be a Jim Morrisonesque dance). I moved a bit over and let the brother have plenty of space to get his Lizard King on.  I finished up most of the joints to my head, which is really my favorite part, the final quarter of the joint is the most flavorful part.

The show ended, and the lights came on. It was a really good show, everyone had miles of smiles as now the party was to move to another location.  I had bought two eighths of the Strawberry Lemonade and saved one for them for after the show. I visited another friend and we sat on the 46th story balcony watching the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas and smoked it up till dawn.

What a grand and festive time I had in Vegas, thanks in part to the wonderful folks over at NuLeaf. If you find yourself in Sin City, definitely check out NuLeaf for all of your cannabis needs and tell them Larry Reed the “Man on Weed” sent you.


Women of Cannabis Conference Comes To Las Vegas November 13, 2018

Includes A Full Day of Networking, Collaboration and Empowerment While Addressing Issues and Progress

NEVADA: While women have a higher representation in executive positions in the marijuana industry than in corporations in general in the country, their numbers are being reduced as more state legalize recreational pot.  In an effort to empower more women entrepreneurs, Women of Cannabis will be hosting Women of Cannabis Conference, a full-day conference taking place on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at the Enclave in Vegas.

13+ Speakers, 400+ Attendee’s, 10+ Exhibitors, and 1 Life Changing Event.

WHAT:                      Women of Cannabis Conference

WHEN:                     November 13, 2018 — 9am. -5pm.

WHERE:        The Enclave in Vegas, Venue is the Enclave in Vegas.  –  

5810 S. Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, 89119



According to conference organizer, Stacy Thompson, “It is time to rise up and lift each other in this industry!  Together we are limitless! Our goal is to focus on networking and close collaboration with female driven organizations and entrepreneurs, while addressing women’s empowerment and progress in the cannabis industry.”  The full-day event is open to all women and men and tickets are still available.

womenThe Speaker roster for the 2018 Women in Cannabis conference include:

Wanda James 

Founder of Simple Pure Dispensary

Navy Veteran

Industry Thought Leader

Managing partner at the Cannabis Global Initiative (CGI)


Dr. Dina


AHHS Dispensary

Lessons from a Business Pioneer

Co-Founder OGG Collective

Consultant on Netflix’s Disjointed


Larisa Bolivar


TCMS Global

Recognized Colorado Cannabis Pioneer

Executive Director of the Cannabis Consumers Coalition


Renee Gagnon


Hollyweed Canada

CEO / Thunderbird Biomedical Inc

Founder/CTO- GTP Financial Services

Founder FroZen Dirt Media Cannabis conference


Stacy Thompson


Canna Closet

CEO Nubo Botanicals

Founder of Women of Cannabis Conference


Kalee Hooghkirk

President Illinois

Hemp Association

– Co-Owner of Entourage Clinical Service

– Co-Founder of Midwest Medicinals


Medical & Patient Panel

“We have an amazing panel of pioneers in medical cannabis sharing their personal stories and progress through legalization,” promises Thompson. The medical panel moderated by Nichole West, with guest speakers, Dr. Sue Sisley from Patients of out Time,  Heather Sobel, RN Founding Member of the Cannabis Nurse Network, and Juhizie Monteiro, RN from Ask Nurse Juhlizie.  Joining the panel will be special guest speaker Sierra Riddle, a mother who defied medical authorities and fought to give her son, affected by cancer, cannabis oil.

420MEDIA, full service digital marketing agency dedicated to the Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD industry has been named Media sponsor for the event. Event sponsors include, Indiva Advisors LLC, TCMS Global, Entourage Clinical Services, VRXLabs, CannaCloset, Evergreen Organix and NUBO Nubotancials.

Larry Reed Tours SoL Reno

By Larry Reed, Man On Weed

I was recently invited to tour the SoL facilities in Reno, NV.  The vertically integrated cannabis company is a sponsor of The 4th Annual Jack Herer Cup in Las Vegas, NV.  Named after the man who racked up hundreds of  thousands of miles crossing the country for nearly 40 years campaigning to restore the hemp plant to American agriculture, The Jack Herer Cup is different from the normal cannabis cups you might be familiar with. It’s not three days, there is no vending, and you won’t find $5 dab stations. This Cup is a very respectful way to say thank you to someone who has in some way shape or form taken care of your family by helping his family.


Sol_logo_withsocialLocated about 15 minutes south of Reno, “The Biggest Little City In The World,” SoL’s location is easy to get to from anywhere in the area and worth the drive even if you’re not, because what you will see there is that epic!  After signing in at the welcome desk, and entering through the security door, I turn left and whamo: a continuous span of 20 foot high windows, over 100ft long,  that provide a view into the field of mean green goodness! The complete view of the working garden is right before your eyes: 1,000 cannabis plants all in bud cycle producing an amazing landscape of colas super swollen, trichomes glistening in the light and the aroma of Mother Nature’s finest bouquet of cannabis.

Are you familiar with the term “hog leg?” Pungent with distinctive terpene profiles pack in the 23,000 square foot greenhouse! All grown in natural sunlight. I’m no scientist but it would seem to me that 1 Sun is greater than however many lights you want to try and emulate the most powerful light source in our universe.  No corners were cut in the creation of SoL, the greenhouse is on the forefront of technology in the under roof organic cannabis farm. There is even a 3 foot riser that allows you to see over the canopy. Think Bob Ross after he paints happy autumn trees. All of this is in the lounge area. Yes a lounge area, a kin to a common area in library or office, a place to decompress, perhaps grab a beverage from the coffee bar (yes there really is a coffee bar there) and go view what is happening in the commercial kitchen. Commercial Kitchen? Yes, the row of windows that permit you to see in the farm terminate into the side of the kitchen that is also behind windows.  Transparency, that is what is happening here: from the transparent garden roof to the see through walls, the glass windows of the kitchen, all in full view. And for good reason, SoL has an amazing chef ready to create and everyone gets to watch his culinary creations.

If you’re able to pull yourself away from the cannabis carnival going on in your ocular sockets, there is still the state of the art dispensary to visit.

A wonderful combination of high tech meets hands on.  Digital menus drape the walls giving you the luxury of strolling and shopping while being able to see the menu from any place in the dispensary.  Between the menus, the walls are adorned with helpful information and an innovative way of helping you decide which cannabis fits what effects you are desiring.  It really will help you, if maybe you have a hard time deciding over 100 different medical and recreational cannabis products.

How did this gregarious garden of ganja, the Taj Mahal of THC transparency, this kingdom of kindness ever to come into existence.  It was the brainchild of Ed Alexander and his partners; each facet of the facility has been well thought out and implemented to provide a very warm and welcoming experience to all that visit.  Two things really jump out at you when you meet Ed, first, he puts the effort in to do it right.  When I asked about his timing into the market he replied. “SoL could have been known for being first. but we would rather be known as the one(s) that lasted”.

SoL’s sponsorship of the Jack Herer Cup fits into the company philosophy. “Jack was all about making cannabis transparent, seeing what was actually behind all the misinformation, it is our plan to keep that going,” Alexander told me. “That’s why SoL is better.”

After you’ve reached your buying limit and have tickled your THC bone so much that you just gotta get going, you exit onto a 2,000 sq ft deck, complete with comfy couches to relax and enjoy the mountain air.  Look to the horizon and you see the largest ski mountain in the area. The trails are visible from the deck and with adult use facilities on the horizon, this space is going to be a favorite for weeders world wide.

From the moment you walk in to the last moment you walk out, the motto repeats itself, SoL is better. SoL provides you with the most unique experience in the emerging dispensary market that can be found today.  SoL’s grand opening celebration kicks of October 26/27/28, lots of good times and great cannabis, make it if you can, tell them Larry Reed sent ya.

NORML Smoke The Vote Campaign Kickoff Showcases Cannabis Friendly Candidates

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws hosts voter education at Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas

Keith Stroup will keynote Smoke The Vote rally in Las Vegas

Keith Stroup will keynote Smoke The Vote rally in Las Vegas

NEVADA: On Friday, October 5th, 2018, National NORML Founder Keith Stroup, local and national leaders of NORML, and key elected leaders and candidates in Nevada will convene to keep the marijuana momentum building in the Silver State.

A voter education rally will take place in Downtown Las Vegas. The event is to place at the recently opened “Cannabition” — the world’s first immersive cannabis museum and art installation in downtown Las Vegas.

The “Smoke the Vote” campaign has been offered by NORML for the past several election cycles and aims directly to educate cannabis consumers on candidates positions on marijuana reform, as well as other voting rights. Voter education and registration will be available inside the Neonopolis attraction. Office holders and seekers, such as Senator Tick Segerblom, will be discussing the importance of voter turnout this midterm.

“Now that cannabis is recreationally available to all Nevadans over 21, it is vital that office-holders acknowledge consumer rights protections so that we aren’t continued to be marginalized,” Las Vegas NORML’s Madisen Saglibene told MJNews Network. “Testing positive for marijuana after a traffic-related occurrence could results in felony charges that will ruin a person’s life. We need legislators to understand that they should use their influence to push for more research and consideration when talking about using the nanograms system to detect impairment. If you have consumed cannabis in the last 30 days or if you plan to, these things affect you!”

las vegas normlNevada voters legalized the adult use of marijuana in 2016. Nevadans need lawmakers at the state and federal level who will respect the will of the voters and who will ensure that these laws and regulations remain in place as intended, and that the federal government does not interfere with them.

“Not voting is not a form of rebellion, it’s instead a form of surrender and cannabis is the ultimate symbol of freedom,” Saglibene added. “NORML has been representing responsible cannabis consumers since 1970 and is working persistently to increase voter awareness within the cannabis industry.”

What: Press conference

Date:  10/05/2018

Location: Cannabition, 450 Fremont St #140, Las Vegas, NV 89101

5:00PM – National NORML Keith Stroup Meet & Greet at Cannabition

5:30PM-6:00PM – Press Conference w/ Nevada NORML, Senator Tick Segerblom, and other Clark County candidates

The Wink In Weed: Lessons Learned At Seattle Hempfest

By David Rheins

I’m just back from another epic Seattle Hempfest.  The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful regions on the planet, and its volcanic mountains, vibrant cities and evergreen forests never cease to inspire wonder.  I cherish my PNW canna-family, and am humbled at how rich and meaningful have been our shared experiences, as we workers in weed have toiled to reform marijuana law, and establish a legal cannabis industry.

Jake The Professor and Don Skakie talk Washington Homegrow

Jake The Professor and Don Skakie talk Washington Homegrow

It is a treat to spend time with legends: Farmer Tom Lauerman, Jake The Professor, Grandma Cat Jeter, Kevin and Crystal Oliver, AC Braddock and Fritz Chess, David Tran, Vivian McPeak, Joy Beckerman, Nurse Heather Manus, Ah Warner and so many others.  This year we were honored to have USVI Senator Positive Nelson, who was traveling with a video crew from 420MEDIA,  visit with us.  I first met Terence, who is universally known as ‘Positive’, at a High Tea at Seattle’s Green Labs Farms a few years back, when as moderator I had the privilege of introducing the pro-pot and “positive living” politician to the cannabis community.  Look for great things from the Senator and USVI (pot tourism anyone?) soon.

The canna family gathers every year at Hempfest

The canna family gathers every year at Hempfest

Seattle Hempfest for me has always seemed like the ‘State Fair of Weed.’  Tens of thousands of people — of every age, shape and size — streaming through a labyrinth of vendor booths, food trucks and tents, smoking weed, hanging out and listening to advocates preach to the choir, and bands sing about “Mary Jane.”  This year was no different, a little smaller — a couple fewer stages due to lack of sponsorship support — and smokier, as a result of raging fires in Canada and Eastern Washington.

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Eden Labs’ Fritz Chess, Flower Girls Queen MJ, and MJBA Ambassador At Large Jake The Professor

At the Curved Papers/MJBA booth, and at a series of industry parties, I had the opportunity to reconnect to my industry friends and colleagues. What I heard was a consistent narrative: these are make or break times for Washington licensees.  Competition is fierce and getting fiercer.  Wholesale prices are brutally low for producers, and while sales remain strong at retail and gross revenues are high, profits are elusive and unfair taxes still eat up most of the profits.  For licensees the choice is straightforward: differentiate or die.

Much of our conversation revolved around the mainstreaming of cannabis — and the impact that the $4B USD investment that Constellation Brands just made with Canopy Growth would have on the mom & pops. The game has gone from grassroots to international overnight, and for the smaller players there is tremendous pressure to scale.  Undercapitalized businesses are putting their licenses up for sale, or looking for partnerships and mergers.


DOPE celebrated its 7th Anniversary with a “Golden Ticket” Party

Cannafest Destiny.  The West Coast is the fertile birthplace of the legal cannabis industry.  While NORML, established in 1970, can rightfully claim authorship of the political legalization and reform movement, the business — and more importantly the community — started in California, Oregon, Washington (and British Columbia).   The legitimate markets that we have created out West have blazed bright, sparks have now inspired entrepreneurs, activists, investors and politicians across the country — from Maine to Maryland, Michigan to Oklahoma. Our duty and opportunity is now to export the incredible experience and knowledge to these new emerging markets.

In a weird wrinkle of federal prohibition, Legal Cannabis has become international, before it has become a national industry!  Our neighbors to the north are rapidly ramping up their legal cannabis industry, and positioning themselves globally with distribution deals in emerging European, Caribbean and South American markets. Public Canadian companies are gobbling up American brands, and deals are now measured in the billions.

Jeremy MIller is organizing Viva Las Hempfest!

Jeremy Miller is organizing Viva Las Hempfest!

No where can we witness the mainstreaming of marijuana better than Las Vegas.  Neon billboards on strip.  24/7 retailers with drive thru.  Las Vegas, once upon a time among the harshest places in America to be caught with a seed or a stem (an infraction that could land you 20 years in the hoosegow) now actively planning the opening of consumption lounges and canna-friendly hotels.  No peace, love and tie dye hippie culture here.  Just the business of entertainment.  It is fitting then that the next stop for the Cannafest Destiny tour will be Las Vegas Hempfest on November 3&4th — Viva Las Hempfest! Hope to see you there!