Nevada CCB Launches Investigations Into Three Nevada Dispensaries, Selling Potentially Unsafe Product

NEVADA: The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) has opened investigations into three dispensaries for selling product that twice failed microbial testing.

On March 5, 2020, the Department of Taxation and CCB issued a directive to all dispensary/retail stores to immediately stop selling the product, Cherry OG F3, which failed laboratory testing for yeast and mold, coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae and Aspergillus.

At that time, the CCB instructed dispensary/retail stores to destroy or return the affected product to the cultivator and communicate that they took such action with the State. Despite the CCB’s directive, it appears three dispensaries retained their inventory of Cherry OG and began selling the product again in May.

Approximately 375 grams of the Cherry OG product were sold between May 19, 2020 and June 29, 2020 at the following Retail Stores/Medical Dispensaries:

1. Waveseer of Las Vegas, LLC (Jenny’s Dispensary), 5530 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89130 (License # 83760475147127946601);

2. Paradise Wellness Center, LLC (Las Vegas ReLeaf), 2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (License # 54283805068313943868); and

3. Desert Aire Wellness, LLC (Sahara Wellness), 420 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (License # 25729455103203031356)

On May 16, 2020, a hold on the product was temporarily lifted due to a CCB error that occurred during an unrelated investigation. However, the CCB’s health and safety advisory remained in effect; and under the directive, dispensaries should not have had the product in their inventory.

The CCB advises those who have purchased the product to avoid consuming it. Consumers should check any Cherry OG products for the source package # 1A404030000076F000006649. The CCB notified the aforementioned dispensaries and initiated investigations which are ongoing. There are no known reports of illness.

Cannabiniers Opens First-Ever Cannabis Speakeasy At Las Vegas ReLeaf

CALIFORNIA: Cannabiniers, a beverage, technology & brand management company revolutionizing the cannabis industry with first to market, patented, safe, natural and fast acting infusion technology, announced the debut of the industry’s first cannabis speakeasy, Dana’s Place, at Las Vegas ReLeaf. Dana’s Place is the first roll-out of dispensary non-infused craft tasting bars offering Cannabiniers’ full portfolio; including Two Roots Brewing, Just Society cold brew coffees and teas, BASKiN health & beauty products, and soon Creative Waters Beverage Company “Mocktails” and more.

CannabiniersIn homage to the late Dana Bernstein, daughter of Cannabiniers co-founder Ed Bernstein, who succumbed to a life long struggle with Crohn’s disease in 2017, Dana’s Place represents the industry’s first in-dispensary craft tasting bar, designed to transform the practice of warehousing consumers at dispensaries and into an experiential brand engagement. Straddling both the lobby and sales floor of Las Vegas ReLeaf, Dana’s Place serves as an ice-breaker, educator and retail merchandizing feature helping both tourists and locals better understand the products offered in an non-fused form, in a setting most have experience with.

“As the company that launched Two Roots, the world’s first cannabis-infused non-alcoholic craft Cannabier, we’re excited to debut the first ever in dispensary craft tasting bar, Dana’s Place,” said Timothy Walters, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cannabiniers. “The speakeasy style of the bar is especially fitting for the cannabis industry, as the plant continues to come out of the shadows and enter into the mainstream space. The underground vibe reminds us of the days when alcohol, a beverage millions of American’s enjoy responsibly for relaxation and celebration alike, was also subjected to restrictive laws under prohibition. A Cannabiniers’ tasting bar will serve as an extension of a company’s core beliefs – that cannabis can be a positive and impactful addition to our everyday lives.”

The opening of Dana’s Place at Las Vegas ReLeaf is the first in a series of Cannabinier tasting bars to appear throughout dispensaries across the country, all of which showcase Two Roots Brewing. Cannabiniers’ vision is to create revolutionary products that are safe, natural, responsible, and lifestyle integrated; through which Cannabiniers’ brands will normalize cannabis consumption for both medical and adult use.

“Dana was an inspiration for us when we first opened Las Vegas ReLeaf. She found comfort in medical cannabis, as it eased her painful symptoms,” said Co-Founder of Cannabiniers, Ed Bernstein. “When we decided to create this experience in our dispensary, we wanted to offer a safe and comfortable place for consumers to learn about product offerings, and naming the space after Dana was a natural way for her legacy to live on. With the backdrop of corporate ambitions and the massive consumer interest, it is important that we never forget our roots, and the reasons that we entered the cannabis industry in the first place.”