Marapharm Las Vegas Hosts Open House During MJBizCon

NEVADA:  Marapharm Ventures Inc. is inviting shareholders and investors to attend an open house in Las Vegas, NevadaNovember 17, 20174 to 8 pm, timed to coincide with the MJBizCon cannabis industry trade show.

According to a company press release, the open house is an appreciation and information event where company leaders will tell their story.  Marijuana Business Daily pegs the US cannabis industry as a $44 billion dollar business. Las Vegas has the potential to become one of the largest legal cannabis markets in the United States. Marapharm is the largest owner of marijuana licenses in Las Vegas.

There will be an outdoor fire and appetizers. Transportation via a free bus service from the strip will be provided.  Register online for your invitation on


Las Vegas Dispensary Acres Cannabis Is First Dispensary To Advertise In-Flight With Major US Airline

NEVADA: One of Nevada’s top dispensaries, Acres Cannabis announces a revolutionary deal with a major U.S. airline to advertise in-flight. This marks a historic first for the Cannabis Industry in the United States.

This latest announcement continues to puff new life into the “Cannabis Experience.” Located at 2320 Western Avenue, the company has quickly become an industry disruptor, evoking the vibe of a speakeasy for a community of “high”-minded clientele. Engaging the audience, Acres has hosted local art events, breakdancing competitions, Uber bikini car washes, mustache and beard trimming, and FREE “Dopenuts” from their open view Cannabis Kitchen with any purchase over $20.

Founder and CEO John Mueller commented, “Acres recent Airline campaign creates another first for the marijuana industry, and helps propel all of us towards mainstream acceptance. Acres plans to continue to lead the industry by cultivating one of a kind cannabis experiences.”

Las Vegas currently has 55 Recreational Dispensaries to serve the 42 million visitors who travel to the city each year.