Book Release: “The Marijuana Smugglers Guide: Based On A True Story Volume 1”

NEW YORK: Vietnam vet Larry David, Sr.’s “The Marijuana Smugglers Guide: Based on a true story Volume 1” is one man’s personal account of an illicit but lucrative career smuggling cannabis from Mexico into the United States and Canada.  Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, the irreverent memoir sheds light on the mechanics of an illicit career that, while immensely profitable, came at a high personal cost.

As a Vietnam veteran trying to support a family and unable to get a job, the twenty-three year-old turned to marijuana smuggling. Looking back over the past forty-one years, he now realizes all the sacrifices he had to make to be a successful smuggler. The millions of dollars, buffets of women, and the lavish lifestyle it afforded him were not enough to cover up the regrets that linger with him to this day. He was a good financial provider for his family, but a lesser husband and father. Smuggling took up all of his time, and he was not able to be there for his family when they needed him. Worse, his contacts put his family in danger.

This story includes mountains of money, an abundance of sex, pounds of marijuana, and the many ways of getting the marijuana across the border. Larry has traveled the world, stayed in the most luxurious hotels, and owned extravagant homes, cars, boats and private airplanes. Smuggling marijuana was a very sexy, lucrative career for the author, and his book provides a first-hand look at how he achieved this success, along with the wild and crazy stories that came with it.