WSLCB Releases Interim Policies Adopted For Marijuana Packaging, Labeling, and Product Approval Process and Guidelines

WSLCB Label Requirements

WASHINGTON: Effective today, the below interim policies have been implemented for marijuana packaging, labeling the product approval process, and guidelines. BIP-10-2018, Packaging and Labeling Requirements  This interim policy clarifies the procedures and processes for packaging, labeling, and product decisions for marijuana infused edible products. Designates approved colors and shapes Designates approved colors and background colors for Read the full article…

Edible Marijuana May Soon Come Labeled With A Red Stop Sign

even though you’re clearly turning out pretzels, assorted cookies, glazed pecans, chili lime peanuts, cheese biscuits, caramel corn, and fudge brownies for retail sales, your manufacturing facilities and products are not subject to any state or federal food laws, regulations, or inspections. Not for now, anyway.

COLORADO: The state is finalizing work on new rules for the appearance of edible marijuana. A draft of those rules released Tuesday would require each piece of edible marijuana to be marked in the shape of a stop sign with the letters THC in the middle. The letters stand for marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient. The rules would Read the full article…

Washington’s Pot Label Rules Could Ease Problems

"You're telling these people, 'Here is a Reese's peanut butter (cup) look-alike. It's got 100 milligrams of THC in it. Cut it into 10 pieces,'" said Meg Collins, an executive at Good Chemistry, a Denver-based chain of marijuana shops.

WASHINGTON: When recreational marijuana stores open in Washington next month, state officials know many customers will be unfamiliar with the strength of the newly legal drug. They hope strict rules on labeling and packaging will help avoid some of the overdose problems recently reported in Colorado, the only other state where recreational marijuana use is legal. Read the full article…

Colorado Lawmakers Consider New Requirements For Marijuana Edibles

McNulty is sponsoring a bill that would require candies and other foods infused with marijuana be shaped, marked or colored in a such a way that anyone could identify them as a gateway to several hours of altered consciousness.

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COLORADO:  The gummy bears were just sweet. But the candy raspberries and watermelon slices presented to a group of Colorado legislators on Thursday contained enough THC to make the issue they were contemplating plenty fuzzy. “If you can’t tell the difference, how could a 3-year-old?” Rep. Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, asked members of the House Read the full article…