The Best American Destinations For Pot Tourists

WASHINGTON:  With the legalization of marijuana in four US states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska) and the recreational use of it currently allowed in the first two, buying weed is becoming as normal an activity as, say, shopping at the Gap.

From touring a marijuana-growing operation in Seattle to purchasing pot-infused personal lubricant in Aspen, here are five ways to get your buzz on in these pot-friendly territories.

“Cannabis is turning into something akin to the wine industry,” says Michael Gordon, CEO of Kush Tourism, a company that organizes marijuana tours and cannabis-related activities in Seattle. And a Kush excursion to Sky High Gardens is not unlike visiting a vineyard: You’ll see where and how the plants are grown and hear about all the nuances in smell and taste

Seattleites: Good Luck Finding Legal Pot To Buy

WASHINGTON:  After the hoopla settled down after the grand opening of Seattle’s first state-licensed retail marijuana store in July, pot aficionados found that retail stores were hard to find. Marijuana retail licenses were issued through a lottery system – and were supposed to be a golden ticket for those who received them, especially in urban areas like Seattle where it was competitive. But now some of the lucky ticket holders are biding their time, saying there’s too much uncertainty to open a store. Some are dealing with location or supply issues. As people wait for marijuana retail stores to get up and running, other marijuana-centric businesses spring up every day. One is Kush Tourism, which takes tour groups to visit cannabis culture at glass-blowing studios, cooking demonstrations and grow operations. The company works with a network of marijuana-friendly hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.