Will Ohio Legalize Marijuana This Year?

OHIO:  In 2003, Rob Ryan got cancer – the second of his three battles against the disease. This time, it was in his colon.

The chemotherapy was wreaking havoc in his body. He wasn’t eating. Medicines his doctor prescribed didn’t stem his nausea. He was allergic to the opiates he received. Ryan, of Blue Ash, was wasting away.

“So I said, ‘Forget this,’ and I started to use marijuana. It worked,” Ryan told The Enquirer. He smoked in an upstairs bathroom.

Soon, even his wife was convinced.

That was all illegal. But an overwhelming majority of Ohio voters believe that should change: Eighty-seven percent of Ohio voters believe medical marijuana use under the care of a doctor should be legal, according to a poll released last week. [Read more…]

Medical Marijuana Bill Clears Kentucky House Panel

KENTUCKY:  A measure to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky passed a House committee Thursday, but whether the issue will come up for a vote in front of the full House was unclear.

Known as the Cannabis Compassion Act, the perennial bill is sponsored this year by Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, who called the historic passage “a miracle.”

“It was so rewarding to be able to offer the folks who are suffering from so many different medical conditions a little bit of hope,” said the Louisville Democrat.

The bill’s only opposition in committee came from Rep. Robert Benvenuti, R-Lexington, who expressed concerns about the danger of “unleashing a Schedule 1 drug on our communities” and that not enough is known about the drug to support Kentucky research on it.