Study: Nearly 7.5 Million Canadians — 26% Of The Population — Consume Cannabis

Canadians love to smoke pot

CANADA:  Nearly 11.5 million Canadians, or 39% of adult-age Canadians have admitted they will be cannabis consumers if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legalization plans for 2018 come to bloom, and as a country, 57% of Canadians are supportive of the Prime Minister’s plan for changing the cannabis laws. This is according to a newly released Read the full article…

Canada Introduces Legislation To Legalize Marijuana

Cannabis in Canada

By Rob Gilles, Associated Press CANADA:— Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government introduced legislation Thursday to let adult possess up to 30 grams of marijuana in public — a measure that would make Canada the largest developed country to end a nationwide prohibition on recreational marijuana. Trudeau has long promised to legalize recreational pot use and Read the full article…

Justin Trudeau And The Cannabis Factory

Cannabis in Canada

CANADA: At a former Hershey’s chocolate factory just outside Ottawa a company called Tweed now produces a rather different confection: marijuana for Canada’s tightly regulated medical market. Under the gaze of surveillance cameras, scientists in lab coats concoct new cannabis-based blends in near-sterile conditions. A repurposed candy mixer does the blending. Only in the growing rooms Read the full article…

Canada’s New Governing Party Promises To Legalize, Regulate Marijuana Sales

Trudeau promised that under his leadership Canada would create a system to tax, regulate and sell marijuana, along with stiff penalties for anyone giving pot to children or caught driving while stoned. The Liberal Party's cannabis legalization statement echoes the language used by many U.S. legalization advocates.

CANADA: Canada’s leap to the left in Monday’s elections could have the country singing a new anthem: “Oh, Cannabis.” The United States’ largest trade partner overwhelmingly selected Justin Trudeau‘s Liberal Party to run Canada, a sweeping change that may lead to full marijuana legalization for our northern neighbor, which already allows medical pot use. Trudeau promised that under his leadership Read the full article…

Trudeau Voices Support For Regulated Marijuana Dispensaries

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says marijuana storefronts should be allowed to operate.

CANADA:  Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says marijuana storefronts, like the one selling medical pot on Main Street in Winnipeg, should be allowed to operate. At a Liberal campaign office just blocks away from the controversial shop, Trudeau reiterated his pledge to legalize marijuana if elected. He says by licensing and restricting the sale, it keeps Read the full article…

Ticketing For Marijuana Possession Still On Radar For Tories

The federal Conservative government is considering introducing a bill to let police issue tickets to people caught with small amounts of marijuana, instead of laying criminal charges.

CANADA:  With just 12 weeks left before Parliament shuts down for an election, the federal Conservative government is still considering introducing a bill to let police issue tickets to people caught with small amounts of marijuana, instead of laying criminal charges. The potential legislative change is in the hands of Justice Minister Peter MacKay, who Read the full article…

It’s The CMA, Not The Government, That’s ‘Politicizing’ The Marijuana Debate

An on-demand technology service unveils a campaign to deliver free medical marijuana to San Francisco Bay Area patients in about 15 minutes, no purchase is necessary.

CANADA:  The marijuana debate heated up again last week, when the Canadian Medical Association denied its support for a public service campaign that is to be launched by Health Canada warning of the dangers associated with use of the drug. Because there are conflicting views between the Conservatives and Liberals on the legalization question, the Read the full article…

William Watson: A Look at Canada’s Marijuana Market After Legalization (Opinion)

Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, wants to legalize marijuana in order to ‘keep it out of the hands of our kids’

CANADA: The Boards may engage in advertising campaigns, sending out glossy magazines informing consumers which types of marijuana go best with which types of food, wine and munchies. So. what will the marijuana market look like after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau legalizes the drug in 2018?