High Tea And The Science Of Pot

BY Joy Blackburn (Special/Investigative Reporter), Virgin Island Daily News

WASHINGTON: It was a full day of gathering information about legalizing marijuana.

In a whirlwind tour, a group from the Virgin Islands visited various marijuana industry facilities – including recreational pot shops and a medicinal marijuana processing facility – and attended a “high” tea with a cannabis industry trade group in Washington on Tuesday.

There was also a lecture by a neurologist during a standing-room only meeting of a small marijuana growers alliance on a rural island off Seattle.

Sen. Terrence Nelson is on a fact-finding tour, visiting Washington and Colorado to look at their experiences in legalizing marijuana. Nelson invited residents from the territory to come along, and a small group is with him.

He has said he plans to offer legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in the territory and wants to avoid the pitfalls experienced by other states.

A marijuana collective

Tuesday’s cannabis tour began at Green Lion Farms, a medical marijuana collective. In addition to medical marijuana plants, Green Lion Farms also processes medical marijuana from other collectives, including making oils.

It is in the process of converting a portion of its facility to recreational marijuana processing, said Michael West, the facility’s director of biotechnology.