King County Council Chair: Council’s Vote Continues Inequitable Location Of Marijuana Facilities

WASHINGTON:  Metropolitan King County Council Chair Joe McDermott, joined by Council member Larry Gossett, released this statement after the passage of legislation limiting the production, processing and retail of marijuana in the unincorporated areas of King County:

“The legislation will further concentrate retail marijuana stores in low income and working class neighborhoods, and, more often than not, minority neighborhoods.“Reducing the land area where marijuana can be grown and processed coupled with no guaranteed expansion of retail stores will also result in limited access across our county.

“This is particularly concerning for our residents who use medical marijuana to treat numerous ailments like seizures, arthritis and Crohn’s Disease.“For these reasons, we voted against the legislation.

“Moving forward, the County must look for ways to ensure adequate access to recreational and medical marijuana. We must also address any unintended consequences this legislation may create.

“King County residents voted for a workable, legal marijuana system. We must do the work to make this happen.”