Hypnosis Practitioner Jen Wilding Releases Mental Marijuana Meditation Audios As Alternative To Cannabis Use

CALIFORNIA: Jen Wilding, a Los Angeles-based hypnosis practitioner, and personal development coach released two audio recordings earlier this month intended to serve as an alternative to marijuana use to achieve a relaxed, pleasant altered-state experience. The two Mental Marijuana audios subtitled Indica Meditation and Sativa Meditation are designed to provide the listener-participant with a drug-free experience that elicits positive mind-body sensations using a guided, self-hypnosis process. The recordings are aimed at providing similar benefits specific to strains of marijuana associated with two different experiences: indica, known to induce stress relief, a general sense of well-being, and wind the mind and body down for relaxation purposes and sativa, known to stimulate productive creativity and positive mood enhancement. The audios are the latest additions to Jen’s Subconscious Edge Series audio collection of hypnosis recordings.

“The idea originally came from a client’s request,” Jen remarked when asked about what inspired the creation of the Mental Marijuana audios. “The client, a young woman, had been using marijuana successfully as a sleep aid and felt too dependent on it to relieve her chronic insomnia. She was planning to spend a week at her parents’ house and, since they didn’t live in a city that supported legal cannabis use, she wished to recreate the physical and mental effects in a drug-free way to ensure continued access to good quality sleep at night. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is possible to use a hypnosis process for both deep relaxation and to generate that beautiful feeling of positive elation (or high) many people seek with medicinal plant use.”

The Mental Marijuana albums consist of spoken-word guided hypnosis accompanied by soothing background music and are currently available as digital downloads via online music marketplaces such as iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. The albums include a brief introduction track, in addition to the primary meditation track that runs approximately twenty-two minutes in duration. The audios are intended for individual listening, with headphone use and retail pricing begins at $9.45 per album.