CEO Leah Heise Resigns From Women Grow

NEW JERSEY: Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization, announces leadership changes. Leah Heise, Chief Executive Officer and Maryland regulatory compliance attorney has stepped down effective immediately. Heise is the recipient of a Maryland Dispensary pre-approval and will depart from her role as CEO to focus on the requirements to open her family-owned business. She will retain equity in the company and continue to vote along with Women Grow stakeholders on certain major decisions regarding its organization and expenditures.

Jane West, Founder of Women Grow said, “We fully support Leah on her decision to step down as CEO. Although saddened we respect her decision and wish her the best as she focuses on her dispensary. We see this opportunity as yet another example of women making powerful moves within this industry.” West continues, “During Leah’s time with Women Grow she made incredible strides in restructuring our organization and elevating our mission to another level. We greatly appreciate her leadership and look forward to hearing more from her in the near future.”

The interim CEO will be Kristina “Kay” Neoushoff the organizations current Chief Operating Officer. Neoushoff will continue to cover the day-to-day operation as well as implement the plans to expand the organization’s mission of educating, connecting, inspiring and empowering diverse leaders for the cannabis industry. She will continue to develop the company’s infrastructure, overseeing the development of financial and marketing strategies, and implement growth-oriented changes while remaining true to the Founders mission.

Neoushoff joined Women Grow in 2015 as Director of Operations. She has worked solely to manage several areas including Human Resources, Technology and Customer Support. Her role is to identify processes, select tools, and implement strategies to support the company’s rapid growth. Neoushoff has more than 15 years of experience studying and designing systems within various companies such as Apple, Tekserve and Estee Lauder Companies. Neoushoff is a New Jersey native and Rutgers University graduate.

“Kay is the best person for this role as we go through transition. She is familiar with the organization and continues to exercise her leadership skills,” said Heise. “Kay has been instrumental in our plans to build an incredible platform for market leaders across Women Grow. We have full confidence she will do well and has our full support during this time.”

In February, Women Grow held its fourth Leadership Summit attracting close to eight hundred attendees in Denver, Colorado. Since its inception in 2014, Women Grow has seen rapid growth, demonstrating a distinct demand for organization design to support women leaders in the cannabis industry. Under this new leadership, the organization will continue to rollout plans for expansion to create a robust business model for all markets in the U.S. and Canada.

New Ads Aimed At Marijuana Edibles

COLORADO:  The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) unveiled new billboards urging parents to keep their marijuana edibles out of the reach of children.

The ads are part of the Marijuana Policy Project’s ‘Consume Responsibly‘ campaign.

The new ad shows a child peeking over a kitchen counter at what could be a glass of wine or grape juice and a plate of cookies that might or might not be infused with marijuana. The ad reads, “Some juices and cookies are not meant for kids. Keep ‘adult snacks’ locked up and out of reach.”

Jane West, a mother of two, marijuana consumer and director of a marijuana organization, said, “We need to treat marijuana like any other product that is legal for adults and not meant for children. A marijuana-infused cookie might look like a regular cookie to my 4-year-old, just as a glass of wine might look just like grape juice.”


Denver Accepts Tweaks to Pot-Themed Concerts

COLORADO:  Denver is pleased with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra‘s efforts to align its bring-your-own-cannabis fundraising concerts with laws that authorize — but still regulate — marijuana use in Colorado, the city attorney said Wednesday.

“We are pleased the (symphony) revisited their planned events and worked to come into compliance with state and city laws,” city attorney Scott Martinez said in a brief statement issued by Mayor Michael Hancock’s office.

Earlier, Martinez had expressed concern that audiences were going to smoke marijuana in public, which is illegal even though selling and consuming marijuana has been legal under Colorado law since January. On Tuesday, the symphony said three events first announced in April, dubbed Classically Cannabis and scheduled to kick off later this month at a private Denver gallery, would be invitation-only. The symphony also removed information about the events from its website and is refunding tickets purchased already.


Cannabis Nuptials In Colorado’s High Country

By David Rheins

We recently spoke to Bec Koop, owner of Buds & Blossoms who has created a new line of floral packages for brides and grooms getting married in the high country of Colorado.

Since adult consumption of cannabis became legal on January 1st, many cannabis-friendly Coloradan couples have been interested in incorporating their love of marijuana into their wedding day festivities. Inspired, florist Bec decided to create “Buds & Blossoms” — a unique fusion of traditional ornamental flowers with dried cannabis. The Denver entrepreneur partnered with Jane West, owner of Edible Events, and together the duo offers cannabis weddings in the high rocky mountains and Denver area.

Edible Events will manage the wedding event details, while Buds & Blossoms will create the “Buds in Bouquets” and “Budonnieres.”  They even offer VIP luxury limo service thru Canna’tarium Tours to take the brides and grooms and their wedding party to the top dispensaries in the area to choose their wedding weed.  All this is completely legal in the state of Colorado. [Read more…]

Is Marijuana Consumption on House Arrest in Colorado?

COLORADO: You’ve finally done it. You booked your trip. You’ve committed to that vacation you so desperately deserve. And you can smell the weed already.

At this point – you’re daydreaming about walking down the street and sparking up a joint or casually smoking a bowl with a group of friends at a coffee shop. And now, I’m about to crush that dream.

“Right now marijuana consumption is on house arrest.“ That’s what Edible Events founder Jane West told us when she took the America team on a marijuana tour around Denver.

“We need to answer this question so that people can go somewhere,” Jane explained. “There are thousands of tourists coming in every week for this purpose but there is actually nowhere in public they can legally consume it.”

West knows all about public consumption. Her company – Edible Events — orchestrates catered events that bring together cannabis consumers.