Marijuana Growers Prepared To Sue Snohomish County

A west Eugene factory that once produced computer hard drives and later bottled water could next become an industrial-scale marijuana growing operation.

WASHINGTON:  Dozens of aspiring business owners are prepared to sue after Snohomish County Council members voted to ban marijuana growing in certain rural areas, according to a marijuana growers’ advocacy group Thirty-six growers are prepared to go to court according to Jamie Curtismith, a consultant who represents growers who are impacted by the rule change. Read the full article…

Snohomish County Planning Commission Hearing Set For Nov 18th

we are allowed to attend, but NOT allowed to testify. However, we can send written comments that will be delivered to the Planning Commission via

Jamie Curtismith                           Shawn    This is a reminder that the Snohomish County Planning Commission will be given a marijuana briefing on November 18, 2014 (5:30pm-2nd floor of 3000 Rockefeller Ave in Everett). They will discuss council’s draft proposal, Motion No. 14-318 and Read the full article…

Snohomish County WA Marijuana Businesses Meet To Discuss Zoning

Snohomish County Council is considering:

1)    Re-zoning the permitted R-5 zone from permitted to conditional use, and thus delaying and further complicating 502 development in the previously approved area. This could possibly also extend to and negatively impact existing MMJ Gardens.

By Jamie Curtismith Today, several Snohomish County based 502 Producer-Processor-Retailers, Collective Garden Owners and MMJ Dispensaries gathered to discuss the implications of the recent decision by Snohomish County Council members who are trying to address community concerns about issues such as over concentration of collective gardens in certain neighborhoods, allowing collective gardens near things like Read the full article…