Issaquah WA City Council Approves Recreational Marijuana

WASHINGTON: With the moratorium on recreational marijuana in Issaquah expiring July 7, the Issaquah City Council voted 5-2 Monday night to allow the one retail outlet the city can legally have. Two applications have been received for producer/processors licenses that can be issued in the city. The moratorium will be removed June 16 when the ordinance is recorded.

It’s been one year and seven months since Washington state voters approved I-502, legalizing recreational marijuana for adult use. The council’s Land and Shore Committee has discussed marijuana regulations at no less than five meetings, and has called for community input a number of times, with little feedback.

The one retail establishment will be allowed in a commercial zone, with the exception of the central business district. Producer/processors are allowed only in areas zoned intensive commercial. Security systems and cameras are required at all facilities, and any recreational marijuana business is subject to inspections. Home business, or home grows are not allowed.

Councilmembers Nina Milligan and Eileen Barber voted against the bill.