Board Hears Debate Over Reclassification Of Marijuana

IOWA:  An Iowa Board of Pharmacy committee listened to debate Monday over reclassifying marijuana.

Reclassifying marijuana from Schedule 1, highly-abused drugs with no medical use, to Schedule 2, drugs that have medical use, could be a step toward legalizing medicinal marijuana production and distribution in the state. This is the next step proponents said must be taken to allow them to utilize a new state law that currently they cannot.

Last year, the Iowa legislature approved a limited law allowing possession of cannabis oil for people with severe epilepsy, but when medical marijuana cards are handed out early next year, the cards will not provide protection from prosecution in other states or on a federal level for trying to transport or mail the cannabis oil.

“We will basically be unable to access any high CBD-oil, low-THC anywhere in the United States. So I’m not sure what we will do with the card,” Sally Gaer said at the Monday meeting. Gaer’s daughter has severe epilepsy.