Rampant Marijuana Farming In Rolpa Himalayas

HIMALAYAS:   Locals of remote villages in Rolpa have been cultivating marijuana to make a living.

According to police officials, the villagers are also using government forests for pot farming. “They are growing marijuana as they are not aware of its effect and consequences,” said DSP Nabin Rai of the district police office.

Locals of Thabang, Uwa, Resham, Gam, Kareli, and Ranagaun, among other VDCs, have taken up pot farming as their main source of livelihood, police said. “We also used to grow marijuana in the past when it was legal,” said elderly people of the villages.

Locals used to wear clothes made of hemp fibre about 50 years ago in Rolpa, said local development officer Hiralal Regmi.

“The number of pot growers has been increasing in villages because the crop yields high profit,” he said. Chief District Officer Mahadev Pantha sought immediate measures to stop cannabis farming in the villages.