The First Cannabis IP-Licensing Company, Breeder’s Best, Officially Launches

New company brings together cannabis industry leaders including attorney-scientist Dale Hunt, researcher-physician Ethan Russo, and botanist-author Robert C. Clarke

CALIFORNIA: Cannabis industry pioneers, Dale Hunt, PhD, JD, Ethan Russo, MD, and Robert C. Clarke have joined forces to create Breeder’s Best, the first cannabis company to focus on intellectual property (IP) protection for independent plant breeders and licensing IP for access to markets worldwide. Breeder’s Best brings a global plant-licensing model, proven successful in other agriculture industries, to cannabis.

The liberalization of global cannabis laws and growing public acceptance of cannabis have created a rapidly escalating demand for cannabis flower, as well as therapeutics and products made with cannabis. According to a report by Prohibition Partners, the international cannabis industry is projected to grow to more than $103.6 billion by 2024.

While the cannabis industry presents significant opportunity, there exists a critical disconnect that separates the creativity of breeders from the markets that are demanding products with unique and proven genetic profiles. Additionally, there is typically very little IP protection to support good partnerships between breeders and cannabis brands. Breeder’s Best will connect these two key stakeholders while legally protecting the genetic inventiveness of breeders.

Breeder’s Best founder and CEO Dale Hunt says, “Our mission is to connect the best Cannabis genetics to the greatest needs and most promising commercial opportunities. To do that, we have assembled an unparalleled team of experts with deep experience at every level of the cannabis supply chain. As the industry matures, Breeder’s Best will be positioned to meet the demands of the increasingly professional and GMP-oriented marketplace while doing business in a way that benefits breeders and directs profitable and reliable business to growers who may otherwise be left behind. With our vision, team, model, know-how, and relationships, Breeder’s Best is poised to become the global leader in patented cannabis genetics and related products.” Dr. Hunt has been practicing IP law for 23 years. He has a PhD in plant cellular and molecular biology and has obtained thousands of patents and plant variety rights for his clients in more than 30 countries.

“Cannabis use is finally normalizing. At Breeder’s Best, we present independent Cannabis breeders the opportunity to protect their unique varieties and assist them in placing those genetics in lucrative markets. This is a great service to breeders who would prefer to focus on the art and science of breeding, instead of dealing with the mechanics of commercialization,” said Breeder’s Best Director of Agronomy and Genetics, Robert C. Clarke. Mr. Clarke is a 40-year cannabis industry veteran, revered for his books Marijuana Botany, published in 1982, and Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany, published in 2013.

The Cannabis plant produces over 450 chemical components, many of which are potentially therapeutic. However, decades of cannabis prohibition have resulted in a lack of genetic diversity worldwide and a predominance of only a small fraction of potential agents.

“We have just begun to scratch the surface of everything that cannabis can do to improve and enhance our lives,” said Dr. Ethan Russo. “That’s what Breeder’s Best will do. Identifying, selectively breeding for and utilizing specific chemical components will truly transform medicine in the coming decades.” Dr. Russo is a board-certified neurologist, preeminent medical cannabis expert, author of more than 50 peer-reviewed medical journal articles and a veteran of GW Pharmaceuticals where he served as Senior Medical Advisor as well as the Sativex® and Epidiolex® clinical trial Study Physician and Medical Monitor.

About Breeder’s Best:  Breeder’s Best is a privately held Cannabis IP genetics company organized as a B Corporation to demonstrate our commitment to independent Cannabis breeders and to meeting the worldwide needs of patients and consumers for superior products. To learn more about Breeder’s Best visit

Seattle’s Cannabis Basics Issued Historic Cannabis Trademark

WASHINGTON: Seattle-based activist and entrepreneur Ah Warner informs that she has just received historic news from the United States Patent and Trademark Office granting trademark protection for her Cannabis Basics company logo—prominently featuring a cannabis leaf watermark with four hands inside.


“By working closely with the USPTO Examiners, we were able to demonstrate how my client’s line of health and beauty goods differs from substances deemed illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act,” said Attorney Andrew Olmsted of The Olmsted Law Group, PLLC, “After many discussions and briefs to the Examiners, we were able to persuade them how the majority of Cannabis Basics’ unique products are not prohibited by the CSA and how trademark protection was warranted.”

Cannabis Basics’ trademark protection suggests a future where cannabis companies with legal products will be able to protect their intellectual property like other businesses. This protection is an indication of a positive change in popular opinion of Cannabis, and a step towards a public better educated on the non-recreational benefits of Cannabis and its byproducts.

Ms. Warner started her hemp company in 1995.  “With in introduction of Medical Marijuana I discovered new science on human’s cannabinoid receptor system which lead to adding THC and other cannabinoids to produce a far superior product, ” said Warner. “Even my 85-year-old dad uses it for his inflammation, pain and skin issues.”

This latest success comes on the heels of another very big victory for Ms. Warner, who co-authored Washington State’s Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids (“CHABA”) legislation. CHABA defines products, oftentimes topically applied, with less than .3% THC, non-intoxicating and not meant for human or animal consumption, and is the first such legislation in the United States defining these niche cannabis products

The CHABA legislation defines products like Cannabis Basics’ line as not marijuana, even though the products have therapeutic amounts of THC. This action effectively removes CHABAs from the Washington Controlled Substances Act, allowing Cannabis Basics to sell its products in mainstream stores within Washington State, virtually anywhere health conscious consumers shop.

“This bill is about promoting small businesses and allowing entrepreneurs to find new ways to drive our economy, without legal recourse, as we [in Washington State] continue to be pioneers in the marijuana legalization process,” said the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 5493, Washington Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles.

What started out as stand-alone companion bills SB5493 and HB173 with bipartisan support, passed as an amendment of a much bigger adult marijuana use tax bill, HB2136 this was signed into law on June 30th by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and went into effect July 1st.