Marijuana And Social Media: #YouCantPostThat

"Facebook’s blanket anti-drug policy impacts our ability to exercise our political speech rights and that frustrates us (and our readers) on a daily basis."

WASHINGTON:  If you follow us on Facebook, you probably know about our ongoing saga with the social media giant over its having banned our promoting our page or our posts. Why is Facebook blocking us from promoting content from the Canna Law Blog on its pages? According to the Facebook Advertising Guidelines, and from what we have been Read the full article…

Instagram Deletes Marijuana-Themed Accounts, Inspires “Instagram of Marijuana”

But the upshot is a Silicon Valley opportunity: A new "Instagram for marijuana" is launching this week in response. Will the #marijuana #nofilter set take to the new social network?

CALIFORNIA: Instagram is full of marijuana. There’s no way to know exactly how many of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing utility’s 200 million users freely share pictures of buds, blunts, and joints — aside from counting, we suppose — but enough of them do for police to make real-life arrests based off of Instagram posts.But, these days, Instagram Read the full article…

Watch Your Pot Posts On Social Media

A quick search on Instagram shows that photos of weed are not in short supply.

CYBERSPACE: We here at High Times have high hopes that everyone out there is careful with what you are posting on social media…because if you post the wrong thing, it can seriously come back to bite you in the ass.