United Patients Group Launches Seal Of Approval For Cannabis

CALIFORNIA: Industry-respected medical cannabis advocates United Patients Group is launching a new initiative to shine a spotlight on quality, safety and ethical business in cannabis – setting badly needed standards and best practices in an industry that still bears the wild west hallmarks of its black market past.

The United Patients Group Seal of Approval will be awarded to companies in medical and adult use cannabis that undergo a comprehensive and holistic review of a company’s “farm to table” quality standards by third party testing companies, as well as United Patients Group’s Advisory Board. Evaluating every step to insure safety and quality – from rigorous contaminant testing with top labs to product manufacturing and packaging quality control – United Patients Group is launching the Seal to empower patients and consumers.

“The most common question we get at United Patients Group is: ‘What companies can I trust to provide quality?’ The cannabis industry is moving so fast that many companies, frankly, don’t operate to the standards we would hope for,” said John Malanca, Founder of United Patients Group. “We’re launching the Seal of Approval to raise the bar within our cannabis industry, so patients and adult users can purchase with confidence.”

The Seal of Approval comes from the most respected patient advocacy network for medical cannabis, known nationwide for setting the standards for quality, safety and ethical business since its creation in 2011. With a track record of advising thousands of patients, doctors and companies worldwide, United Patients Group is also known as a leading provider of medical cannabis education for universities.

“United Patients Group is known throughout the medical community to be highly respected as a resource for cannabis products, services and advice for medical professionals and patients,” said Jmîchaeĺe Keller, CEO of Steep Hill Labs, Inc. “Steep Hill is proud to be among the first to accept the United Patient Group Seal of Approval for cannabis testing and analytics.”

Oregon Flags Potential Problem With Popular Pesticide Used On Marijuana

OREGON: The Oregon Department of Agriculture on Friday temporarily removed a popular pesticide from its list of chemicals cannabis growers may use on their crop.

Rodger Voelker, a chemist with OG Analytical, a marijuana testing lab in Eugene, said he recently noticed that abamectin, a common insecticide, had turned up in a handful of cannabis samples submitted by growers who said they grew organically. One mentioned he used only Guardian Mite Spray. Voelker asked for a sample of the mite spray, tested it and detected abamectin, an active ingredient not listed on the product label.

Voelker alerted agriculture officials about his results on Thursday since the mite spray is included on the state’s newly released list of pesticides growers may be able to use on their plants. The product is marketed as an all natural pesticide containing products like cinnamon oil and lemon grass oil.