Is Indiana Ready To Legalize Marijuana?

INDIANA:  State Sen. Karen Tallian has tried for years to legalize marijuana.

The Democrat from Portage, Ind., has introduced bills that would have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Those efforts have so far failed.

This coming session, Tallian hopes a more narrowly defined bill to legalize marijuana for people with certain medical conditions would fare better in a Republican-controlled legislature. The bill that she plans to introduce would allow people with a medical marijuana card and a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana.

“I’m trying something a little different,” Tallian said. “I’m hoping to get a little more sympathy to getting a hearing.”

Experts say a narrower proposal that would benefit people with specific medical problems is likely to go further in the legislature and could get some support from medical associations and people who have family members with debilitating illnesses.

But is Indiana ready to legalize marijuana even on a limited scale? Probably not. Some say the state likely will be one of the last ones to do so.