The Hoosier Let Down

My name is Cory Davidson.  I am a member of Indiana Medical Marijuana Advocates (IMMA).  I am also a decorated combat veteran, and I live with PTSD.

I joined IMMA to help educate fellow Hoosiers on the subject of Medicinal Marijuana in Indiana, and to help establish a natural treatment option for Hoosiers.  My associates at IMMA and myself have been preparing a grassroots campaign here in Indiana involving our music scene in which we have been very active. Our plan was to advertise, and educate at live entertainment shows, and pass out flyers, tri-folds, with information regarding Medicinal Marijuana and make announcements on updates to legislation involving the Indiana marijuana movement.

Education is the biggest key to changing the viewpoint and attitude towards marijuana in Indiana.  By educate, we are trying to inform our fellow Hoosiers to the different ailments that are treatable with Medicinal Marijuana, and the different methods of treatment that are available. [Read more…]