First Medical Marijuana Center Open In Illinois

ILLINOIS:  Illinois’ first medical marijuana cultivation center is open for business.

Atatraxia, derived from a Latin term meaning “a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety,” is ready to get rolling in its 52,000 square foot facility in Albion, Ill. Ross Morreale, Ataraxia’s Chief Compliance Officer, says it’s nice to be first, but the medical marijuana industry is collaborative.

“I don’t necessarily think there’s an advantage, we don’t look at it that way,” Morreale says. “We just look at it as, we’re in a position to begin the process of bringing relief to patients first.”

Morreale says a full line of products will be shipped statewide, including: smokable marijuana, oils, lotions, edibles and more. He expects the products to be ready by October, depending on external factors.