Illinois Oks 2,800 Marijuana Patients, Including 10 Children

ILLINOIS:  Illinois approved about 200 new patient applications for medical marijuana during July, including 10 children.

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that 2,800 patients now have approval to use marijuana. It’s the first time the department announced how many are younger than 18.

Growers say they’ll have marijuana in stores later this year.

Parents of children with severe epilepsy pushed for the expansion of medical marijuana to minors in Illinois. Children are able use the drug for any of the nearly 40 health conditions already authorized for adults, with state approval and a written certification from two doctors. Adult patients need one doctor’s consent.

Medical Marijuana Businesses Anxious As Patient Numbers Remain Low

ILLINOIS:  The number of people approved to use medical marijuana in Illinois remains too low to sustain the industry, business owners said.

Only about 100 more patients have been cleared in the past month to access medical pot, raising the statewide total to about 2,600, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported Wednesday.

About 22,600 people have signed up on the state’s website to obtain medical marijuana, but only 3,200 have completed the application. The state law requires patients to submit fingerprints for criminal background checks and to get a doctor’s recommendation, which some patients say has been difficult.

The low number of approved users remains the greatest concern for growers and dispensary owners, said Joseph Friedman, who plans to open a dispensary in Buffalo Grove and is a board member of the Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois, a trade group that represents some of the state’s license holders.

Illinois Has Approved 2,000 Medical Marijuana Patients

ILLINOIS:  Illinois approved about 400 new patient applications for medical marijuana during March, bringing the total to 2,000 patients with complete paperwork.

The Illinois Department of Public Health released the updated numbers Wednesday.

The health department says about 19,500 people have started the patient registration process. Of those, about 2,700 have submitted at least part of the application.


State Has Approved 650 For Medical Marijuana

ILLINOIS:  Illinois approved 50 new patient applications for medical marijuana during December, bringing the total to 650 patients with complete paperwork.

Illinois Department of Public Health spokeswoman Melaney Arnold said Wednesday almost 13,000 have registered online and started an application. She says about 1,800 people have submitted at least part of the application.

She gave no explanation for the apparent slow pace of submissions and approvals.

Qualifying patients pay an annual fee of $100 for a marijuana card. Patients aren’t allowed to grow their own cannabis, and, for now, are waiting for the legal industry to start up.

Late Christmas Present? Illinois Kids Get Access To Medical Marijuana

ILLINOIS:  Many parents in Illinois looking to marijuana as the ultimate treatment for their children’s health conditions are poised to receive a late Christmas gift.

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, a new state rule allows kids who reside in Illinois access to medical marijuana by the turn of the year. Young users may only take the drug through marijuana-induced goods ranging from liquid drops to food products. The new regulations under the Illinois Department of Public Health will not allow them to take pot in its raw form to be lit for smoking.

This action stems from public clamor for marijuana treatment in children’s diseases such as seizures, muscular dystrophy and cancer.

Kids who will be treated using marijuana products may only obtain the drug under adult supervision, and with the approval of two doctors including their own physician.

2nd Round Of Illinois Marijuana Patients To Apply

ILLINOIS:  Aspiring medical marijuana patients whose last names start with M through Z can soon apply to the Illinois Department of Public Health for a registry card.

The department begins accepting applications from that group starting Saturday.

Illinois has been processing paperwork from thousands of applicants whose last names begin with A through L. Others have been asked to wait until Nov. 1 to apply.

Most patients must have a written certification from their doctor to use medical marijuana in the state’s new program. Only military veterans getting Veterans Affairs care won’t need a doctor to sign off. VA doctors, as federal employees, aren’t permitted to recommend controlled substances.



6,300 Illinoisans Apply To Use Medical Marijuana

ILLINOIS:  Illinois doctors have signed off on Illinois medical marijuana for patients with cancer, severe fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

Those are the most frequent health problems showing up in the forms submitted by doctors to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The department announced Wednesday that about 6,300 Illinois patients have started the process of applying to use the state’s first legal offering of medical marijuana.

But most have sent in applications that are missing crucial documents. Only about 800 have submitted complete applications. To be complete, an application requires a doctor certification form and background check information.



State Begins Notifying Medical Marijuana Applicants

ILLINOIS:  The first patients have been approved to receive medical marijuana in Illinois, officials said Tuesday, though the legal product won’t be available until spring at the earliest.

The Illinois Department of Public Health started issuing letters last week notifying applicants if they were approved to buy medical cannabis, spokeswoman Melaney Arnold said. The actual permits have yet to be delivered.

Jim Champion, a veteran with multiple sclerosis from Somonauk who lobbied to get the medical pot law passed, said he got his letter Saturday, after being first in the state to apply on Sept. 2.

“I was shocked that it came so fast,” he said. “It’s a good sign. I did think there’s a lot of hoops you’ve got to jump through, but after I went through it, it was very easy.


Medical Marijuana ID Card Applications Top 2,000

ILLINOIS:  More than 2,000 people registered for Illinois medical marijuana identification cards in the first three days of applications, dwarfing the number the program’s administrators had envisioned, the state announced Friday.

Authorities began taking electronic applications Tuesday from patients whose last names start with letters A through L, with those people able to register through Oct. 31. Officials had expected just a few hundred applications in the opening days, the Illinois Department of Public Health said without specifying the number of applicants.

“This is a promising sign that the program is on track to fulfill its key purpose — alleviating the pain and suffering for thousands of Illinoisans,” said Bob Morgan, the chief of the state’s medical cannabis pilot program.

Others can apply in November and December, and any patients and caregivers can apply starting next year. Patients must have a written certification from a doctor and get a background check, then pay $100 a year to apply for a medical marijuana card. Disabled people and veterans will pay $50 annually.