Illegal Pot Shops Need Rooting Out In Pierce County

WASHINGTON:  Wonder of wonders: King County, epicenter of the state’s drug culture, has begun cracking down on illegal marijuana dispensaries.

Pierce County? It’s still doing next to nothing about them – even as it prohibits legal marijuana stores.

King County’s prosecutor, Dan Satterberg, and sheriff, John Urquhart, have put two and two together: Now that the state has more than 150 licensed marijuana retailers (with more on the way), it might just be time to start shuttering the hundreds of storefronts and delivery services that have been operating outside the law.

“The law is now clear,” said Satterberg earlier this month. “The only way to sell marijuana is with a state-issued license. It’s binary.”


More Marijuana Dispensaries In San Diego To Close

CALIFORNIA:  San Diego law enforcement leaders said Tuesday they’re stepping up efforts to close illegal marijuana dispensaries following a rash of citizen complaints and the discovery of weapons at a shop in the Mount Hope neighborhood. 

Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said the SDPD has been receiving numerous complaints of pot shops operating illegally in the city. Even though the city has succeeded in closing two or three weekly, she estimated that around 40 are still in business.

At one shop shut down this fall, police found three handguns and 4.59 grams of rock cocaine, according to authorities.

“When a dispensary operates illegally in our neighborhoods, the city has no control over who is involved, what they do at the dispensary, and how they operate the dispensary,” Zimmerman said.