Letter: Busting Myths About Marijuana Dispensaries

CALIFORNIA:  We should like to respond to the article “Zoning issues: Child care, marijuana, residential density” published on April 10. This article mentions the Zoning Ordinance Update rules for medical marijuana dispensaries. Santa Monicans for Safe Access (SAMOSA) would like to point out a few important things, as follows:

The article says “Despite the plethora of options in the surrounding municipalities … .” In fact, there is not a plethora of legal dispensaries in surrounding areas. Of the total 134 dispensaries Los Angeles allowed a couple of years ago, less than 50 of these legal dispensaries remain.  Plus, only a few of them are on the Westside. Any other dispensary is illegal. Surely, it is unsafe and unwise to encourage patients to go to illegal dispensaries. Moreover, if there is a plethora of any type of business outside of Santa Monica, it is alcohol stores and drug stores. And yet, our reasonable and compassionate City officials do not ban those types of stores from Santa Monica. Nor are residents required to drive outside the City to visit these stores.

This article also states that “The Police Department and the city officials had opposed that inclusion [of dispensaries], noting that residents could simply order delivery …. .” However, in an SMDP article published last February, the SMDP confirmed that only one of the four delivery services cited at that time by City Staff was legal.  Today, there are no — as in none — legal delivery services anywhere in L.A. Worse, last year in other articles, City Staff acknowledged that any delivery service operating in Santa Monica would have to have a Santa Monica business license.  And yet, City Staff confirmed that none had been issued. SAMOSA believes that it is very unsafe to invite illegal delivery services into one’s home. About the police, Chief Seabrooks said in her testimony to the Planning Commission that if the City asked her, the Police would have no problem policing medical marijuana dispensaries — just as they do for any other business.

Trial Date Set For First Dispensary Charges Since Vote To Legalize Pot In 2012

WASHINGTON:  Two Tacoma men associated with medical marijuana dispensaries in the South Sound were arraigned Friday in U.S. District Court, charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

James Canyon Lucas and Matthew Ira Eliott Roberts entered pleas of not guilty and were conditionally released, pending trial, by Judge Karen Strombom. A trial date was set for April 28 in Tacoma. Judge Ronald Leighton is scheduled to hear the case. [Read more…]