WA Liquor Control Board Approves Lottery Process for Retail Marijuana Stores

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Liquor Control Board has approved staff’s recommendation for a lottery that will select the apparent successful applicants for marijuana retail licenses. The independent, double-blind process will take place April 21-25, 2014, and will produce an ordered list of applicants that the agency will use to continue its retail licensing process. The agency expects to begin issuing retail licenses no later than the first week of July.

Initiative 502 directed the WSLCB to limit the number of marijuana retail stores by county. In its rules, the WSLCB limited the number of stores statewide to 334. The most populated cities within each county are allotted a maximum number of stores with the remainder at large within the county. [Read more…]

Budding Retailers Crowd Seattle Seminar On Setting Up Pot Shops

WASHINGTON: Sean Kearney, owner of an online sex-toy business, said he was late to the dot-com boom and doesn’t want to miss out on the next wave as Washington state sets the rules for retail marijuana sales to recreational users.

Kearney, who plans to apply for a license to open a pot shop at his warehouse, was among several hundred prospective pot retailers, growers and processors who attended a state-run seminar on the burgeoning business yesterday in Seattle. [Read more…]