Health Canada Grants Medical Marijuana Oil Production License To Quebec’s First Medical Marijuana Producer, Hydropothecary

CANADA:  Hydropothecary is pleased to announce that is has been fully authorized to produce cannabis oil from medical marijuana. This represents the first such license for a company based in Quebec.

“Hydropothecary is now one of a few licensed producers able to make new, ingestible product lines. The products will be available for purchase following rigorous safety testing and authorization to sell from Health Canada. This oil licence allows the company to move ever closer to producing a true pharmaceutical,” says Sebastien St-Louis, co founder and CEO.

In July, Health Canada announced it will allow licensed medical marijuana producers to produce and ship cannabis oil to patients, in addition to dried product.

“Health Canada’s decision to allow for the production and sale of oils is a major step forward. As a licensed producer, Hydropothecary can now ensure its clients have access to safe, regulated oils,” says Dr. Shane Morris, Hydropothecary’s Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Stakeholder Relations.