Alternative Health Secures $20 Million In Debt Financing For Expansion Of California Cannabis Operations

Alternative Health

TEXAS: Alternate Health Corp., an international leader in technology solutions for the regulated cannabis industry, announced that the Company has signed a binding letter of intent with Agincourt Ventures, LLC to secure funding of $20 million, structured as a debt finance and limited stock purchase agreement, with the option to increase the total financing in the Read the full article…

Humboldt County’s Golden Tarp Awards Is November 18th

The Ganjier

CALIFORNIA:  The Ganjier has announced the call for entry for the fourth annual Golden Tarp Awards. The competition will take place Saturday, November 18th, at The Mateel Community Center in Humboldt County, and will feature, for the first time ever, a multi-camera feed live-streaming broadcast of cannabis competition judging. Flower entries, due by October 26th, are being accepted at drop-off locations throughout Northern Read the full article…

Humboldt’s Finest Launches Craft Cannabis Brand

Humboldts Finest - Logo

CALIFORNIA: A collective of Humboldt County, California cannabis farms have announced an alliance to create America’s craft cannabis brand: Humboldt’s Finest. Since 1996, the Humboldt’s Finest farmers have mastered sustainable growing practices to produce the world’s finest sun grown cannabis products. In December 2016, Humboldt’s Finest will introduce a premium cannabis flower line featuring five of their most sought after strains grown in what is Read the full article…

Interested In Being A Licensed Marijuana Grower? The Supervisors Have Created A Registry To Show ‘Good Standing’

The registry is not a license to grow but more like a place holder in line to allow a grower to prove they meet standards. This is an attempt to make sure local farmers are not left behind big Southern Californian dispensaries, say activists.

CALIFORNIA: Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors approved offering a Commercial Cannabis Activity Registry for medical marijuana growers interested in getting permits to grow under new laws which just passed in California. These laws offer what some call a “grandfathering clause”—if a cannabis grow or business is in “good standing” with the county it is in by January 1, 2016, Read the full article…

How Growing More Weed Can Help California Fix Its Water Problems

For the first time in California, there will be comprehensive rules governing the entire cannabis industry, with enough money to fund a large-scale effort at assessing and lessening the environmental impact of growing marijuana—including the way growers use water.

CALIFORNIA: Last Tuesday, the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka, California was swarming with potheads. A pro-cannabis rally had been organized by State Assemblymember Jim Wood, who knows how to grab headlines: In July, Wood walked onto the State Capitol floor carrying a live marijuana plant and asked his colleagues to regulate the heck out of it. Read the full article…

Officials: Growers Bogarting Taxes Owed To California

The California Board of Equalization says the medical marijuana industry isn't paying the taxes it owes.

CALIFORNIA:  The California Board of Equalization says the medical marijuana industry isn’t paying the taxes it owes. The Board of Equalization staff and board members -including George Runner recently met with marijuana dispensaries, nurseries, and growers in Humboldt County. Runner says the County has begun to add marijuana growers to the tax rolls by establishing Read the full article…

Humboldt County Supervisors Extend Ban On Pot Dispensaries: Marijuana Subcommittee To Work On Regulation

A new statewide poll shows 51 percent of those asked said the drug, now authorized for those with a medical need, should be made available to all, compared with 41 percent opposed.

CALIFORNIA: The Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to continue a ban on new medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas of Humboldt County until an ordinance to regulate the businesses is developed and approved. ”I want to make it clear that my intent is to only have it there until we have the rules in place,” Read the full article…

How Green is Your Green? Pot’s Terrible Environmental Record

Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier By Emily Brady

By Emily Brady CALIFORNIA: You care about where your eggs and beef and lettuce comes from but what about your pot? Emily Brady on marijuana growers’ dismal environmental record—and why regulation can clean it up.

How Humboldt became America’s marijuana capital

Humboldt Indoor Grow

BY EMILY BRADY  Excerpted from “Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier” CALIFORNIA:  Late one morning in the winter of 1970, when Mare Abidon was a young woman of thirty, with blond hair that streamed down her back, she stood outside her San Francisco apartment holding a cardboard box and prepared to say good-bye. The box in her arms Read the full article…