Interested In Being A Licensed Marijuana Grower? The Supervisors Have Created A Registry To Show ‘Good Standing’

CALIFORNIA: Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors approved offering a Commercial Cannabis Activity Registry for medical marijuana growers interested in getting permits to grow under new laws which just passed in California. These laws offer what some call a “grandfathering clause”—if a cannabis grow or business is in “good standing” with the county it is in by January 1, 2016, then it is in a more favored status for getting a state license under the new rules.

The law is unclear and there has been a scramble to understand what this means particularly to growers. Some believed it meant that growers had to legally sell a medical marijuana pound before January 1st of this year. However, the Humboldt County Supervisors believe their new registry will satisfy this requirement under the new laws. Or, at least, put the grower in a position to argue that their farm is compliant with regulations and meets County standards.

The registry is not a license to grow but more like a place holder in line to allow a grower to prove they meet standards. This is an attempt to make sure local farmers are not left behind big Southern Californian dispensaries, say activists.