Highest Reward Rolls Out 2016 Cannabis HR Benchmark Survey

COLORADO:  Highest Reward, a Denver-based canna-tech startup providing affordable online solutions that automate the human resource process, is surveying cannabis establishing HR benchmarks for the Cannabis industry.   For the second year running, the company is asking participants in the legal marijuana industry to detail how the fastest growing industry in the country is managing HR.

Ashley Afable, Highest Reward Cofounder, VP Biz Development, tells MJ News Network the survey will provide valuable data and insights to employers on topics including:

  • Attracting and retaining Cannabis talent
  • Compensation planning and making pay decisions
  • People strategy, processes, and structure
  • HR technology
  • HR staff size and budgeting

benchmarket survey“All of the data will be aggregated, and anyone who participates gets the report for free,” Afable said.  The survey is available online until July 15th, and takes 20 minutes or less to complete.   Take the survey now

Managing HR For Your Cannabis Industry Business

By Aubrey Armes

WASHINGTON: These are exciting and turbulent times in the cannabis industry.  With more and more states legalizing cannabis, the possibility and potential for business growth just keeps getting bigger.  Whether you are in the industry because you are a passionate activist, you simply see dollar signs or anywhere in between, it doesn’t change the fact that the cannabis industry is a target for scrutiny.

Unless you have training in Human Resources, there’s a good chance you are in violation of some employment law(s) and are risking the financial well-being of your company.

Employees are both your greatest asset and your greatest pain.  Sourcing and retaining talented staff who are passionate about your mission is vital to your success.

I’ve heard countless stories of employees embellishing or flat out lying about their skills and previous work experience.  Not only is this annoying and a complete waste of time, it also opens up potential financial risk.

Jobseekers:  Don’t lie.  Really.  You are more likely to have a career in cannabis if you are honest about your skills than if you lie.  Plenty of employers are willing to train staff if they have an aptitude for learning and a personality that matches the company culture.  Nothing will save your job if you lie about your experiences.

Employers: Do you have clear written job descriptions that are ADA compliant so you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the employee knew what was expected of her/him?  Do you have copies of your interview questions and answers that prove that you asked all the proper questions and the employee misrepresented their talent?  Are you retaining these interview notes for the appropriate period of time?  Are you clearly outlining your company culture that addresses employee expectations, team work, your mission, etc?

Do you absolutely need to have all of this?  No.  Will it save you immense amount of time and money?  Yep.

Are you able to fire the employee that lied or misrepresented themselves?  The real question is: can you prove it?

The burden of proof lies on the employer, not the employee.  At the very least, you will incur Unemployment Benefits cost.  For businesses operating on a start-up shoe string budget, paying unnecessary Unemployment Benefits due to lack of documentation or poor hiring and on-boarding practices can have a huge impact and is certainly worth avoiding.

All it takes is one pissed-off employee to make your life miserable and jeopardize your business that you’ve worked so hard for.

Let trained professionals assist you in creating best practices that will reduce your risks, keep your business in compliance and save you time and money.


Aubrey is the Director of HR Services for Analytically Correct and is a certified Professional Human Resources consultant with over 15 years of human resources and leadership development experience, specializing in fast-past small and medium sized businesses including start-ups and established businesses.  Her passion lies in helping organizations identify and communicate their company culture, leadership training and development and keeping companies in compliance and out of trouble.  Aubrey can be reached at aubrey@analyticallycorrect.com.





Blue Line Protection Group Hosts Free Security And Compliance Seminar For Illinois Medical Marijuana Industry

ILLINOIS: Blue Line Protection Group is hosting a free seminar to cannabis dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other vendors and service providers to provide information about Illinois’ new medical marijuana industry.

The free medical marijuana seminar takes place on Thursday, January 15, 2015 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Convention Center at 1850 Convention Center Drive in Tinley Park, Illinois. Blue Line personnel will be on hand to provide information about:

  • Security and protection of dispensaries and cultivation facilities
  • Lawful, licensed and insured transportation of product and cash
  • Human resources and professional employment services
  • State and federal compliance requirements for marijuana-related enterprises
  • Banking considerations and how businesses can prepare
  • Secure payment solutions and cash alternatives

“We’re committed to bringing our proven success in providing security, transportation and compliance services to the lawful cannabis industry in Illinois,” said Sean Campbell, Blue Line’s Chief Executive Officer. “Even with the state’s recent delay in announcing marijuana licenses, we’ll continue to reach out to license applicants and vendors in Illinois to help establish best business practices and a solid foundation for a secure and legitimate industry.”