Oregon’s Honu Xpress Acquires Exclusive Rights to Metered-Dose Cannabis Inhaler

OREGON: Honu Xpress has acquired the exclusive rights to the Mystabis inhaler technology for its Dab Puff Inhaler. The rights activate after funding the transaction and meeting other customary terms.  The Mystabis Inhaler is a revolutionary patent-pending inhaler that provides pressurized metered-doses of cannabis oil directly to the lung’s capillaries with little to no exhale. 

Use a pharma extender and mask for increased comfort.

Use a pharma extender and mask for increased comfort.

The licensing rights that Honu Xpress is purchasing include the entire world except for Canada and Australia, which were previously purchased in December 2015 by a highly-regarded large international cannabis firm with a market valuation of over $1B.

Medical AspectsThe ability to administer metered doses is something that both patients and the medical community have been waiting for eagerly. Without the use of any form of heat or combustion, this pressurized inhaler (“pMDI”) delivers exact quantities of aerosolized cannabinoids in a manner that provides rapid medicinal effects while preserving the entourage effects of the cannabinoids and terpenoids, unlike distillate inhalers.

Physicians will find the delivery mechanism to be very familiar and will appreciate the precision, controlled dosage delivery of both the THC and other licensed cannabinoid formulations (THC with THC-V, CBD, CBGCBN, etc., to name a few promising favorites).

Mitigating the “One Too Many Hits” ProblemMike Arnold, Honu Xpress CEO, commented, “It has been thirteen months since I discovered the inhaler technology on Google’s patent search.  It’s an amazing technology. It’s effectively a pocket ‘dab hit.’  The Dab Puff Inhaler has the potential of changing the way cannabis is consumed and overindulged.  New users will now be able to experience cannabis with a controlled and predictable dosage in a fast-acting way (estimated five- to 45-second activation time).

“The beauty of this tech is that it is essentially an aerosolized dab hit where the non-vaporized particles are just small enough to clear the throat and enter the lungs but too big to be exhaled.  We already have meetings with potential licensees, including one publicly traded company, and find this particular device to be in high demand, given it’s the only inhaler out there that uses whole-plant extract and waxes. Also, the inhaler has proof of concept already in California and Oregon under former licensing agreements.  It’s an amazing discreet way to experience the potential entourage effect in a way that is totally controlled by the end user.”