This Online TV Show About Marijuana Culture May Be The Best Program On The Internet

NEW YORK:  Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair don’t remember how the idea for “High Maintenance” came to them.

Considering the show’s subject matter, that’s to be expected. Though some might dismiss a web series about a weed messenger and his customers, “High Maintenance” might be the finest TV made exclusively for the Internet. And that’s saying something when compared with the likes of  House of Cards.

And while High Maintenance has, unsurprisingly, won acclaim from High Times — is has also been praised by the New Yorker.

Blichfeld, who won an Emmy as a casting director for 30 Rock, had always hoped to find an outlet to showcase the great, underused actors she came across — including her husband and co-conspirator, Sinclair, who plays the show’s nameless marijuana delivery guy. “I feel like on 30 Rock, unfortunately, so many of the roles I was casting people for were one and two-line parts,” she says. “Over time, I wanted to see them to do more.”