HerbTools Online Takes Headshops High Tech

By Sam Capone

Today, I’m going to talk to you about online headshops and how great they can be for all you stoners out there. There are a number of reasons as to why they can be so beneficial to use, so first things first what exactly are they for those who do not know? Places like HerbTools Online Headshop are basically a place where you can fulfill all your smoking needs in one destination! Many people will spend hours trailing the internet trying to find the perfect bong, but it is so much easier to do that when everything can be found in one simple and straightforward space.

Some examples of the most common items you could find for sale at one of these magical stores are bongs, pipes and smoking accessories such as papers and grinders. They should be able to stock different types of rare rolling papers that you’ve never seen before and bongs and pipes in creative designs. One of the benefits of buying from an online headshop such as HerbTools is that there is so much more diversity for what you are looking for. You may be looking for a percolator bong, or a water pipe with a freeze-able chamber or maybe a specific material ñ anything you can think of! A good online store will be able to stock all of these in one easily accessible place! You should be able to find a wide range of products with crazy accessories that you didn’t even know you needed.

So why are they called Headshops?

Well who really knows! There are various rumors behind why this could be. Some say that it is because of the good old term of calling someone a “pot head.” While others claim it is from a phrase started in the 60’s coming from a lyric from the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit”.

The benefits of using an online headshop as opposed to going into a high street store are that an online store can definitely give you a bit more discretion whilst you are shopping! (And you can still be as high as you want to which might not be as acceptable whilst you’re browsing round a retail store!) They will also be more likely to stock a wider range of products which you may not find in a shop as there is only so much you can stock! They are also able to offer you lower prices whilst shopping as they do not have all the overheads a shop might have! For example they don’t have to pay to cover staff and pay for the shop, so you can get your bong for a way cheaper price! You can’t go wrong!