HempAmericana Expands Into Hemp Auto Plastics & Cannabis Products

NEW YORK: HempAmericana has announced plans to enter into the Hemp auto plastics industry as well as adding many Cannabis products as a part of a joint venture in Maine.

The announcement comes on the heels of a new joint venture HempAmericana has negotiated with a successful partner in Maine. This partnership brings state of the art R&D technology to HempAmericana which will generate substantial revenue to the bottom line. The IP brought together in this Joint Venture will allow the development of replacement plastics for the automotive industry, as one example of many new products to come in addition to their successful CBD Oils business.

This cutting-edge technology is not new to the US market. In the 1940s Henry Ford announced the first car made from Hemp, which was later put on the shelf as being too cutting edge for its time. In recent years, the re-launch of the Hemp auto parts has proven to be a multi-million dollar success into the global renewables industry.

Salvadore Rosillo, CEO stated “We feel very excited to have such depth of IP with this Group, and while it has slightly extended the negotiation process, we feel we will be able to announce the successful completion of this Joint Venture with explicit details in the next few days.”