Seattle Hempfest Merges Planned Business Show Into its “Protestival”

WASHINGTON: In response to the addition of the Seattle Waterslide on Mercer street, and market demand for a less fragmented cannabis event map & schedule, Seattle Hempfest has decided to merge its Business offer with its already successful Protestival, and new Business Mixer at the Space Needle Skyline Level.

“Business Sponsors & Exhibitors will be featured at our ‘Protestival’, where the larger community & audience will be at its peak, and more private Business discussions will be accommodated at our Business Mixer to provide the best Business experience to our partners,” says Vivian McPeak, Seattle Hempfest’s executive director.

“The new Seattle Waterslide on Mercer street limits access to the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, on the same day of the Hempfest Business event; at the same time, feedback from event participants and the broader cannabis industry shows a demand for a less fragmented event map and schedule, especially given the saturation of cannabis related business expos in our region”, McPeak continued.

“Nobody wants to be isolated in a hard to reach area while everybody else is partying a few blocks away, so we decided to maximize our business partners reach & experience by relocating the Exhibition Hall activities to our existing and successful Protestival, and our new dedicated Business Mixer at the skyline level of the Seattle Space Needle. This should make the whole experience better for businesses and attendees alike: the big trade show with massive audience at the festival, and the dedicated business talks and networking at the Mixer.”

Vending, sponsorship, and volunteer opportunities are still available, and more information can be found at