Medical Marijuana Is Already Recreational, Say Insiders

CALIFORNIA:  In California, medical marijuana remains legal and many believe that next year voters may get to decide if the state will take the next step and legalize recreational marijuana. An NBC undercover investigation showed that the state is already closer to legal, recreational use than it might seem.

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit went undercover during “HempCon,” an annual show and competition for users and producers of medical marijuana. The Investigative Unit found that it was astoundingly easy to gain access to a medical marijuana card with little or no real medical reason. The complete lack of medical verification or examination makes California’s medical marijuana system look a lot more like the recreational systems in states such as Colorado and Washington.

“Basically just say you have insomnia, lower back pains or something,” said a recruiter outside of HempCon in San Jose. She escorted the undercover team to a nearby motel where a doctor was performing on-site medical marijuana evaluations.

On hidden camera, more than one recruiter suggested that insomnia was a common complaint that anyone could use.

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