Canopy Growth Expands Beverage Portfolio with Launch of First CBD-Infused Beverage Line Quatreau

New Product Line Features A Range of Naturally Flavoured Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Waters In Both CBD-only and Balanced (CBD + THC) Offerings

CANADA: Canopy Growth, a world-leading diversified cannabis, hemp, and cannabis device company, today announced the launch of Quatreau, a new line of premium CBD-infused beverages. The naturally flavoured sparkling waters are Canopy Growth’s first CBD-infused drinks, with both CBD-only and “balanced” (CBD + THC) offerings available in Canada. Launched on the heels of incredible growth in sales from the Company’s THC-infused beverages, released earlier this year, Canopy Growth is uniquely positioned to win market share in the CBD beverage space.

“We are proud to debut our first CBD-infused beverage brand in Canada, where we already lead the cannabis-infused beverage category, at a price point that delivers both quality and value to consumers,” said David Klein, CEO, Canopy Growth.  “We created Quatreau as an alternative to sugary, caffeinated beverages or even alcohol. With both CBD-only and “balanced” (CBD + THC) offerings in four natural  flavours, Quatreau meets the needs of discerning cannabis consumers.”

Canopy Growth plans to continue developing category leading brands that are driven by consumer insights, product-focused, with industry leading scientific formulation. Building on the successful launch and strong sales of THC-infused cannabis beverage brands Tweed, Houseplant and Deep Space, Canopy is poised to continue leading the cannabis space with the launch of Quatreau CBD-infused sparkling water, a consistent CBD product in a beverage format that is familiar to consumers.

Quatreau’s naturally flavoured Canadian product line includes four offerings named:

  • Quatreau Cucumber + Mint (contains 20 mg of CBD and < 1 mg of THC)
  • Quatreau Passion Fruit + Guava (contains 20 mg of CBD and < 1 mg of THC)
  • Quatreau Ginger + Lime (contains 2 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC)
  • Quatreau Blueberry + Açai (contains 2 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC)

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4 Ways That CBD Can Help Pets As Well As People

You may know all about the benefits that CBD can bring to people. It’s been shown to help with numerous health issues. However, it’s not just people that can benefit from using CBD.

Pets can also benefit if their owners use CBD wholesale products to treat various conditions and psychological issues that animals can have. Let’s examine some of the ways that CBD can be helpful to pets.

Reducing stress and anxiety

There can be many times when pets become nervous, such as when there is thunder in the air. It’s not pleasant to see your pet distressed in this way. CBD can help with this.

It can also be used to help if your dog struggles when you are not at home. It can make it easier for them to deal with the issues they have with separation anxiety. This does not just make your dog happier, it can also help to reduce destructive tendencies that result from stress.

Helping with epilepsy

There are several medications available that can help animals that suffer from seizures. However, some of these medications can have harmful side effects. Just like it can in humans, CBD can help deal with seizures in pets.

Relieving chronic pain

CBD has been reported as being successful in helping relieve chronic pain in humans. It can also be useful in helping to treat pets that have pain which is associated with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and issues with nerve pain.

Dealing with loss of appetite

It can be very stressful for you and your pet if they are not eating as they should. CBD can help improve your pet’s appetite, so that they begin to eat a healthy amount of food. It’s also been shown that CBD can help to relieve symptoms in pets that are suffering from nausea or vomiting.

Seeking advice from a vet

If you have a pet that you think could benefit from the use of CBD, you should think about consulting a vet. They can give you advice about how CBD can be integrated into a health care regime for animals. You should do this before taking any action, so that you know whether you are doing the right thing.

In summary

Although CBD was first identified in the 1940s, it’s only recently that research has started to show the benefits it can have for people. Now, it seems that people are not the only ones who can benefit from its use. The benefits can also be useful to pets.

This is why you should think about using CBD if your pet is experiencing certain issues. These issues can include anxiety, loss of appetite and chronic pain. If your pet is affected by any of these problems, you should speak to a vet about using CBD. On its own, or in conjunction with other treatments, it may be what you need to use in order to greatly improve the life of your pet.











Finding The Best CBD Cream For Pain – What To Look For In A Good Product

The market for CBD products is expanding rapidly, and looks as if it will continue to do so as more benefits are reported about this remarkable substance. What is CBD, and why is it controversial? Here’s a brief explanation of the origins of CBD, and you’ll soon see why there is some controversy!

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of more than 100 compounds that have been extracted form the cannabis plant. There is the controversial aspect for you – it comes from cannabis. Of course, cannabis – or marijuana or weed – is associated with getting you ‘high’ and, in most states of the USA, is an illegal substance.

However, CBD does not give you this high. This is because the psychoactive element in cannabis is another compound, known as THC. In CBD products – whether they are oils, edibles or – as we are talking about here – creams, THC is not present, or may be so only in minute trace quantities.

So, CBD is safe, is natural, and has been widely reported as being an active pain reliever. Yet, as more research is needed into the product and its effects, it is not yet passed in all states as a medical product (although it is in some states).

What Ailments can CBD Help With?

There are widespread reports from patients, and there have been some clinical trials, that prove CBD can help relieve pain for sufferers of a wide range of ailments. These include MS, arthritis, HIV, diabetes, psoriasis and many more, as well as the effects of chemotherapy. It also has properties that help people who have trouble sleeping, and may help with anxiety and depression.

CBD has been available in many forms for some time – some people vape oil, others chew on gummies – and one of the most useful for people with skin ailments is CBD cream. Applied to the skin, it can help soothe as well as ease the pain, and there are many specially formulated products on the market.

Which is the best CBD cream for pain for you, and what should you look for? First, you need to ensure that the product you buy is from a reputable manufacturer, and one who has used carefully cultivated industrial hemp plants – the strain of cannabis from which CBD must be made to be legal – as there are examples of fake products that come from China, and elsewhere. These can be contaminated, and may not even be CBD. The link above gives you an excellent guide to the brands to look for, and how and where to buy them.

Further Information

You may want to examine the ingredients of various CBD creams before you choose the right one. For example, while many patients have reported that a CBD cream containing the permitted trace amounts of THC is more effective for them, others do not like the effect of THC – which can be notable even in such small amounts.

If it’s for skin ailments, you may also want to look for additional ingredients that may help with your skin problem. Some creams include the likes of beeswax and cocoa butter, and you should always ensure the additional products are organic and natural.

We should add that prices can vary greatly, so you may want to shop around – but beware of very cheap products for the reason mentioned above – and if you are currently on any medication discuss it with your doctor first.

As research continues, so the uses for CBD become clearer, but so far it is clear that pain relief is one. Try it for yourself, and see if CBD cream can help relieve your chronic pain.

Select CBD Line By Cura Now Sold At New Seasons Market’s 21 Stores

OREGON: Select CBD, an industry-leading hemp-derived CBD brand by Cura Wellness, proudly announces its partnership with New Seasons Market to provide products for sale at New Seasons neighborhood grocery stores in Oregon, California and Washington. Customers can purchase Select’s hemp-derived line of Select CBD Drops, Select PETS Drops, Select Muscle Rub and Montel by Select CBD Capsules.

Select CBD products are hemp-derived and contain zero percent THC. The brand pairs naturally extracted essences with CBD rich oil, capturing the synergy between herbs and CBD. Like New Seasons, Select prides itself on sourcing only the best quality local products from local sustainable farmers. Select also tests its products to the most stringent testing standards in the country; namely the Oregon pesticide, residual alcohol, and microbial panel. All products are quality control batch tested at State & Federal levels through The Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) accredited testing labs near our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Screenshot 2019-02-13 09.00.49

“Cura’s Select CBD products are a natural fit for our wellness department, with their commitment to quality and a clean extraction process,” said New Seasons Market Nutritionist Amanda Nelson. “New Seasons customers can be confident that our Select CBD offerings are locally sourced and made from hemp and essential oils.”

New Seasons customers in Oregon, California and Washington can find the following Cura products at their local store:

  • Select CBD Drops – One of Select’s most popular products, Select CBD Drops contain 1,000 mg of CBD and are infused with herbs and essential oils. Options include Lavender, Lemon-Ginger, Peppermint and Unflavored tinctures.
  • Select Muscle Rub – Select’s newest CBD product is a soothing blend of pure hemp-derived CBD, Aloe, Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil, Menthol and more.
  • Select PETS – Available in Chicken, Bacon, Peanut Butter, Salmon and Unflavored options, Select PETS contains 750 mg of hemp-derived CBD formulated for all animals with endocannabinoid systems.
  • Montel by Select CBD Capsules – Available in a RELAX or ALERT formulation, this line was developed using a unique blend of terpenes, hemp-derived CBD and high-quality bioavailable gel caps.

“What makes this partnership especially exciting for us is the fact that both the Select and New Seasons brands grew from big dreams in Portland, Oregon to companies operating on a larger scale,” said Cura Chief Executive Officer Cameron Forni. “Our organizations’ values are very similar regarding employees, product and culture and it’s so exciting to see Select on the shelves of such a welcoming store.”

You Wear What You Eat…New Materials Start-up ‘Circular Systems’ Turns Food Crop Waste Into Sustainable Fashion

NEW YORK: Circular Systems S.P.C. (Social Purpose Corporation) is a materials science company focusing on converting agricultural, industrial and post-consumer wastes into high value textile fibers for the fashion industry.

The company was confirmed as the first place winner of the 2018 Global Change Award, which recognizes the most exciting sustainable fashion developments, at a ceremony in Stockholm. Circular Systems S.P.C. was awarded a grant in excess of $350,000 from the H&M Foundation, after being selected from among 2,600 applicants, coming from more than 180 countries.

In 1960, 97% of our fibers came from plants and animals. Today, that number is approximately 35%. Petrochemical fibers are now the norm but natural fibers are the exception. Circular Systems S.P.C. has spent the past 20 years creating a low-impact production process that will redefine the meaning of sustainable materials in the fashion industry. Through their revolutionary Agraloop Bio-Refinery process, they are able to generate food-crop fiber out of plant waste that is left by the harvesting of food crops.

Food crop waste is often burned or left to rot, releasing significant amounts of carbon dioxide and methane gas into the atmosphere. By creating a low-cost, closed loop bio-refinery system, this process also brings additional income to farmers, turning their crop residues into more income.

The Agraloop Bio-Refinery offers a solution. With this, the company sees a 10 million ton-per-year opportunity to convert food crop wastes into high value fiber for textiles and industry, specifically using banana trunks, pineapple leaves, sugarcane bark, and stems of oilseed hemp and flax plants as our raw materials.

“We’ve created what we call the agraloop,” explains Isaac Nichelson, the CEO of the American-based company. “[It’s a] regenerative system that uses plant-based chemistry and plant-based energy to upgrade the fibres whilst enriching the local communities and creating a new economic system.”

Elev8 Hemp Coffee Now Available On Amazon Prime

FLORIDA: In another example of the mainstreaming of hemp and cannabis products, Elev8 Brands, Inc., a holding company focused on the commercial development of hemp and CBD-based products including hemp coffee, tea, and E-juices, has announced that Elev8’s Hemp Coffee is now approved and available for customers with Amazon Prime accounts.

Elev8 Hemp Coffee is officially fulfilled by Amazon following Elev8 Hemp Tea from earlier this month. Fulfillment by Amazon will provide quicker and cheaper delivery times allowing for greater penetration in the online market.

Chief Executive Officer Ryan Medico commented, “We are excited to now have Elev8 Hemp Coffee available for Amazon Prime subscribers. With both coffee and tea on Amazon Prime we are able to reduce costs and at the same time help eliminate unwanted shipping costs to the consumer.”


Mary’s Nutritionals Introduces Two New Hemp-Infused Supplements

COLORADO:  Mary’s Nutritionals has announced its newest cannabinoid innovation–two variations of organic, hemp-infused supplements that utilize the powerful combination of activated hemp extract, vitamins and minerals to offer increased bioavailability, ensuring the consumer sufficiently receives the maximum benefits of each ingredient. Mary’s Hemp Good Greens, a juicing alternative with a hint of mint, and Mary’s Hemp Protein Greens, a vegetable-based whey protein powder in a vanilla berry flavor, contain 80 mg of activated hemp extract and are produced in a GMP-certified facility.

The two new supplements will be a part of Mary’s Nutritionals’, sister company of the Colorado-based Mary’s Medicinals, line of revolutionary wellness products. Available to consumers nationwide, the line offers numerous topicals, a transdermal patch and a tincture enriched with hemp oil and other whole-plant nutrients.

“We wholeheartedly believe that proactive daily consumption of cannabinoids nourishes the mind and body and leads to optimum health,” said Lynn Honderd, CEO of Mary’s Nutritionals. “Our whole-plant products are holistic alternatives to traditional medicine – not alternative medicine – that consumers of all walks of life can benefit from.”

The widely reported benefits of activated hemp extract include anti-inflammatory, neuro-regenerative, stress regulator and reducer, increaser of bone density and more. The recommended dosage for the Good Greens juicing alternative includes blending two level scoops into 6-12 ounces of water or juice once or twice per day. The recommended dosage for the Protein Greens powder includes blending one level scoop into 12-16 ounces of water or another beverage immediately after exercise.

“Both of Mary’s new supplement variations have been crafted with organic, high-grade activated hemp extract, which is commonly used as a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as a unique blend of vitamins that are known antioxidants,” said Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D., Chief Operating Scientist of Mary’s Nutritionals. “Situations where hemp-infused supplementation may prove especially beneficial run the gamut–from the growing teenager to the active athlete to the professional who sits at their desk for eight hours a day.”

Each supplement is $40. Available online to consumers nationwide through Mary’s Nutritionals.

Pharmacist Launches New CBD Company, Honest Herbal; Takes Top Honors in DOPE Competition

COLORADO: Kristy Redmon, Honest Herbal president, founder and a registered pharmacist, announced that the company is the recipient of two DOPE Cup Colorado awards. The full-spectrum CBD hemp company placed first in the Best CBD Edible category for its capsules and took second place for Best Transdermal Cream.

“We were thrilled to have our products recognized in the DOPE Cup competition,” said Redmon. “As a new company, we had no idea what to expect. To have won a first and second place was an honor and an affirmation to our philosophy of providing consistent, fully tested and trustworthy CBD hemp products.” The awards are especially impressive as they come just a few months after Honest Herbal’s official launch.

All of Honest Herbal’s products are pharmacist formulated from cannabinoid rich industrial hemp, making them legal in all 50 states. Honest Herbal’s in-house breeding program has produced strains of CBD flower that are high in CBD yet low in THC. The results are products with all the beneficial health and wellness properties, yet without the psychoactive elements inherent in cannabis, with which most people are familiar.

Honest Herbal offers CBD Hemp Oil Capsules available in strengths of 12.5mg. and 25mg. For pets or those who prefer a liquid form, Honest Herbal offers a 30ml CBD Hemp Extract, complete with a calibrated dropper for accurate dosing.

Honest Herbal’s CBD Muscle & Joint Cream is a transdermal formulation that is easily and quickly absorbed through the skin and is one of the most potent CBD topicals in the industry. Consumers can also take advantage of the company’s luxurious and nourishing CBD Infused Hand and Body Lotion that can be used every day.

Honest Herbal grows, processes, and produces its entire product line giving the company the unique ability to ensure the quality of its products from their inception all the way to store shelves. Wholesaler inquiries are now being accepted on the company website.


HempAmericana Expands Into Hemp Auto Plastics & Cannabis Products

NEW YORK: HempAmericana has announced plans to enter into the Hemp auto plastics industry as well as adding many Cannabis products as a part of a joint venture in Maine.

The announcement comes on the heels of a new joint venture HempAmericana has negotiated with a successful partner in Maine. This partnership brings state of the art R&D technology to HempAmericana which will generate substantial revenue to the bottom line. The IP brought together in this Joint Venture will allow the development of replacement plastics for the automotive industry, as one example of many new products to come in addition to their successful CBD Oils business.

This cutting-edge technology is not new to the US market. In the 1940s Henry Ford announced the first car made from Hemp, which was later put on the shelf as being too cutting edge for its time. In recent years, the re-launch of the Hemp auto parts has proven to be a multi-million dollar success into the global renewables industry.

Salvadore Rosillo, CEO stated “We feel very excited to have such depth of IP with this Group, and while it has slightly extended the negotiation process, we feel we will be able to announce the successful completion of this Joint Venture with explicit details in the next few days.”

Medical Marijuana NY-Based Biotech Company Enters Clinical Trials

NEW YORK:  AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc., a world leader in cannabinoid research and development, has entered clinical trials on treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with the Company’s CanChew Plus cannabidiol (CBD) gum at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Human Clinical Trials Detail Include:

  • Controlled-release hemp oil CBD chewing gum and matching placebo gums will be tested for the clinical studies
  • The amount of the hemp oil CBD gum is set at 50mg of CBD per serving
  • Per the trial protocol patients can use up to 6 chewing gums a day to control their stomach cramps, bloating, pain and other symptom
  • The main study outcome is perceived pain reduction. Furthermore, the study will record general relief and change in stool frequenc

The clinical trial will include a group of 40 patients, age 18-65, diagnosed with IBS according to ROME III criteria to determine the effectiveness of CanChew Plus in alleviating IBS symptoms

“The clinical trial at Wageningen University is the first of its kind to treat IBS symptoms by cannabinoid-containing chewing gum, and we look forward to sharing updates from the trial with you,” added Anastassov.

 “With positive outcome from the IBS clinical trial, we will be ready to proceed immediately with further trials on our pharmaceutical grade CanChew Rx products to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. We are committed to finding research-based cannabinoid