Could Hemp Lead To Legal Marijuana?

MINNESOTA:  If Minnesota approves limited industrial hemp growth, a state senator with a long-time law enforcement background fears recreational marijuana use will be close behind.

“To me, it is baby steps toward recreational marijuana and I think we will find that out by the end of the session,” Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, said April 8 after a committee approved a bill to allow hemp to be grown by researchers.

Ingebrigtsen predicted attempts will be made to amend the hemp bill to include recreational marijuana use. Minnesota law allows a limited use of medical marijuana, but recreational use remains illegal.

Senator Kent Eken, D-Twin Valley, brought the hemp bill to the Senate Environment, Economic Development and Agriculture Finance Division. It would allow limited growth of hemp as part of a study, with the intention of eventually launching an industry with widespread hemp production.


Tarter: Value Of Hemp Grows In Illinois

ILLINOIS:  Medical marijuana has made plenty of headlines across Illinois this year as various interests scurry to serve as production and distribution facilities.

Lost in the shuffle is an update on industrial hemp in this state.

That’s the non-sexy little brother in the cannabis family that won’t get you high or comfort the afflicted. All industrial hemp does is produce seeds and fiber that can be used in making clothing, food, beverages, paper, plastics, building supplies and fuel.

Eric Pollitt, the Peoria owner of the Global Hemp online store, reports that this summer, without any fanfare, Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill making industrial hemp legal for research purposes.



Farm Bureau Passes Policy Urging Removal Of Industrial Hemp Classification as controlled substance

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  The national, single-issue, non-profit advocacy group Vote Hemp applauds the new resolution on industrial hemp that was adopted by delegates of the American Farm Bureau Federation at its 95th annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas last week, Jan. 14.

The policy resolution urges the repeal of the classification of industrial hemp as a controlled substance. The effort was lead by the Indiana Farm Bureau. The resolution, which falls under the “we oppose” category, reads:

The classification of industrial hemp as a controlled substance.” [Read more…]