Hemp Farmers Association To Launch May 8th

NEW JERSEY:  The Hemp Farmers Association has announced the launch of a nationwide 501(c)5 industrial hemp association specifically designed to educate, support  and protect hemp farmers through best growing practices, shared research, and vetted vendors allowing for farmers to feel more confident in farming hemp.

According to an association press release, the group’s sole mission is the protection of the American hemp farmer, “making sure they keep as much control as possible of this precious resource through education and market support.”

The group believes that hemp farming agricultural education equates to power to the farmer.

“Our excitement is building as we see our shared vision. I am thankful and impressed with the people coming together here.” says, Cory Sharp, Director of media for the HFA. “We have brought together a diverse and talented team of board members in the hemp farming industry from 9 states who are focused on the hemp farmers success. Integrity in the industry is foremost as we form this grand hemp endeavor we have embarked upon.”