Canada Looking For A Piece Of American Hemp Crop

CANADA:  Canada legalized hemp sixteen years ago. So while the conversation in the U.S. currently focuses on legal issues, our neighbor to the north anxiously waits to talk business.

The 2014 farm bill allows for the farming of hemp where state laws have legalized the crop. Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana and Maine are early leaders among U.S. cultivators. Nebraska just passed a law that will open the state’s farm acres to the crop. The plant lacks the intoxicating compounds found in its cousin marijuana. It’s mostly grown for its fibers and seeds and has been touted as a miracle crop by proponents.

At a recent hemp conference in Adams County, Colo., farmers weighing their chances with hemp got a look at what a legalized industry might look like. Kevin Greenwood, one of the conference’s top-billed speakers, spoke with prospective hemp growers about his company, Manitoba Harvest, which makes foods that contain hemp.

Cross-border cooperation could jumpstart the American hemp industry, Greenwood said. His presentation is part sales pitch. If and when the legal issues get ironed out, he says, Manitoba Harvest will be first in line to buy American grown hemp.

What’s Up With The Multi Level Marketing Of Hemp-Derived CBD?

If you’re involved in any way in the Cannabis industry – whether you’re a patient, advocate, or cannabis business person – chances are, you’ve heard about Kannaway, or its “Buzz Launch,” or Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), or hemp vape, or Hemp Meds Px, or Medical Marijuana Inc., or CannVest, or all of the above. And you’ve probably even gotten annoying, overbearing email spam in your personal or business accounts, and maybe even spammy-sounding “testimonials” in social media groups you moderate, soliciting you to join in this “great” new business opportunity.

The whole topic has caused a huge deal of conflict in the Medical Cannabis community, with many pertinent questions hotly debated and largely unanswered. So what’s the real deal with Kannaway? Are these companies all related? Is hemp-derived Cannabidiol legal? And what’s the deal with the Multi Level Marketing?

It’s confusing on many levels, to say the least. But some of these questions have already been answered by trustworthy sources.