D.C. State Fair Features Marijuana Growing Contest

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: For the first time, the D.C. State Fair included a marijuana growing contest.

Participants in the pot-growing contest were judged on appearance, odor and touch, including whether the stem is sticky and whether it bends or snaps.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana was legalized in the District earlier this year. People are permitted to grow their own plants at home.

The D.C. State Fair is meant to showcase the culinary, artistic and agricultural talents of the District.

Smelly Marijuana? Medford Officials Consider Fines For Pot Odors

OREGON:  Medford city leaders are considering an ordinance that would require people growing cannabis at home to contain the smell or face a fine of up to $250 a day.

Damian Mann, staff writer for the Mail Tribune, reports that the draft ordinance would also require fencing and a locking mechanism to keep out thieves. Residents would face fines if the plants grew beyond the height of the fence. And anyone building a fence would have to get a city permit first.

The ordinance targets people growing cannabis under the state’s new marijuana law, which allows households to have up to four mature plants.

Mann reports that the ALCU has concerns about the ordinance.