US Virgin Islands: The Next Medical Cannabis Destination

WASHINGTON:  This week lawmakers from around the country are in Seattle for the National Conference of State Legislatures. While here, Senator Terrance ‘Positive’ Nelson was back for a second visit in recent months on a fact finding mission as he writes medical marijuana laws for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Acting as a tour guide, Mike West of Green Lion Farms led Senator Nelson and a group of legislators onto The Herban Safari Pot Tour Bus in Seattle and visited several cannabis businesses of interest to the visitors.

While being given a full history of medical cannabis in Washington the visitors were able to see a medical cannabis dispensary (Northwest Patient Resource Center), a processing facility (Green Lion Farms), a testing lab (Analytical 360), and a retail cannabis shop (Seattle Cannabis Company).

While the tour only lasted a few hours, lawmakers were able to get a feel of what is working in Washington and what challenges they may be looking at as they plan to legalize medical marijuana later this year.

See the tour slideshow on Marijuana Channel One:

High Tea And The Science Of Pot

BY Joy Blackburn (Special/Investigative Reporter), Virgin Island Daily News

WASHINGTON: It was a full day of gathering information about legalizing marijuana.

In a whirlwind tour, a group from the Virgin Islands visited various marijuana industry facilities – including recreational pot shops and a medicinal marijuana processing facility – and attended a “high” tea with a cannabis industry trade group in Washington on Tuesday.

There was also a lecture by a neurologist during a standing-room only meeting of a small marijuana growers alliance on a rural island off Seattle.

Sen. Terrence Nelson is on a fact-finding tour, visiting Washington and Colorado to look at their experiences in legalizing marijuana. Nelson invited residents from the territory to come along, and a small group is with him.

He has said he plans to offer legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in the territory and wants to avoid the pitfalls experienced by other states.

A marijuana collective

Tuesday’s cannabis tour began at Green Lion Farms, a medical marijuana collective. In addition to medical marijuana plants, Green Lion Farms also processes medical marijuana from other collectives, including making oils.

It is in the process of converting a portion of its facility to recreational marijuana processing, said Michael West, the facility’s director of biotechnology.


Having ‘High Tea’ With A US Virgin Island Senator

WASHINGTON:  This week I had the pleasure of attending Green Lion Farms in the Sodo district of Seattle for “High Tea,” a special event put on to welcome and celebrate a visit from the US Virgin Island Senator Terrance “Positive” Nelson and his delegation.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event but Washington’s cannabis business industry surprised me and came out in force to welcome this special group. There was live music, a few speakers, fancy little sandwiches, fresh cannabis leaf centerpieces, and a steady flow of tea.

I talked to almost everybody from the traveling party and what struck me the most from all of them was being reminded what it was like to live outside of the cannabis bubble I seem to be dwelling in. Here in Washington I am experiencing the normalization of cannabis while in the Virgin Islands it is still a taboo subject.

Just a few short years ago it was a taboo subject in my social world too. However, now that I openly use it medicinally and have a job that involves the marijuana industry, it is no longer allowed to be au untouchable subject.

USVI Senator “Positive” Nelson To Meet With Washington Marijuana Business Leaders April 14th @ Green Lion Farms

WASHINGTON: Senator Terrence “Positive” Nelson and a delegation of pro-pot politicians on a fact-finding mission from the U.S. Virgin Islands will be visiting Washington next week and meeting with Washington’s legal cannabis business community leaders, as part of the Senator’s efforts to legalize and implement a Medicinal Marijuana industry in the USVI.

While in Seattle, Senator Nelson will be the guest of honor at a “High Tea” event, presented and hosted at the SODO headquarters of Green Lion Farms, a licensed cannabis producer/processors,  and attended by leading members of Washington’s legal cannabis business community.

“The success of Washington’s Marijuana industry is very commendable and one to be imitated. Recognizing this, a delegation from the U.S. Virgin Islands will be making an exploratory trip, with the sole purpose of meeting with business owners/participants in the industry and government officials, to gather information and discuss the strategies that could assist the USVI in duplicating Washington’s success with the transition of legalizing and implementing this industry,” the Senator told MJ News Network.

The Marijuana Business Association (MJBA)  is a co-sponsor of the prestigious gathering, and MJBA CEO David Rheins has volunteered to act as emcee. High Tea takes place on Tuesday, April 14th, 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (PDT). Tickets are $150 and available via Eventbrite.